New - Wilson D100 Driver & Irons

So...yesterday we asked you what was your (current) perception of Wilson Golf?  Lots of comments still coming in but between what we heard on the site, Facebook and Twitter I think we have a pretty good idea of where you think the brand currently stands in the industry.

And so does Wilson.  Which is why Wilson hired a whole new group of people to be in charge, a new club designer and a totally re-vamped R&D facility...they are aware of where they are and they know they needed to make changes.  Which brings us to the purpose of today's post.  Today we told you we would show you a couple new products they have from what they are calling the D100 line.  We have some "spy pics" of the new 2013 Wilson D100 Driver & Wilson D100 Irons.

"The Right Light"

These are for the highest handicap golfer so before you scratch golfers start screaming....oh man look at all that offset or look how thick that top-line is...remember these probably aren't for you.  The idea behind the SuperLight D100 series is all about "The Right Light".  Basically the ultra-light tech is a big buzz word in golf right now.  But if not done right it leads to diminishing returns in regards to distance and accuracy.  Is there lighter clubs compared to the D100 driver and irons?  Yes...the Cleveland line is a perfect example.  But they don't just want light they want "The Right Light".  And after a lot of testing not only on their clubs but also with their competitors, they think they have done it the right way.

You will not only produce higher swing speeds, ball speeds and distance but also and most importantly accuracy for the properly targeted player.  Which we will also highlight in a fitting we did with a properly fit golfer in the new D100 line-up.  He gained +4 swing speed, +6 ball speed and was 10 yards more accurate...more info on this coming soon.

But for now let's get to the pics and get your opinions.

Wilson d100 driver

Wilson d100 irons