womens golf calendar



January Has Never Looked So Good

It's been a rough year for the golfing world. The economy is in the crapper...no one can afford to play as much as they used to..sponsors are pulling out of major events...courses are closing all around us...and Tiger won't be back for quite sometime.

But just when you thought all was lost in the world of golf...an angel (actually angels) from "Down Under" have come to lift our spirits. Actually your spirits have most likely already been lifted so much that you are not even reading this article anymore. You are probably in a deep stare right at this very moment...wishing Nike Golf had made their balls translucent. Well if you are one of the few that are still reading then we want you to know that the images you are looking at are from the "2nd Edition - 2009 Women of Professional Golf Calendar".

US Dollar vs Australian Dollar = Good Deal

The calendar retails for $25 Australian Dollars which is not a bad deal but since the currency over their is even worse then the US Dollar...that means a bargain for you guys. You can go to this Currency Converter to check the up to the minute changes but when we checked this morning the exchange was $16.12 if you were to buy it today using the US Dollar...that's 36% off!

A Look Inside

Enter Contest - (2) Calendars To Giveaway (Caption This Photo)

Entering this contest is EASY...put your thinking cap on though because creativity is what will win you one of these pin-up calendars. So all you have to do is take a look at the photo below...yeah the one of the female golfer in a tub full of balls and make the a clever caption. And the (2) "Best Captions" Win!


This year deciding what to get your friend is a little easier. If you don't want to take your chances with having to win one of these and you just want to go ahead and get one for you or for your golfing buddy for X-Mas then go to www.womensgolfcalendar.com , a percentage of the profits raised will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation www.makeawish.com.