z factor perfect putting machine review

Terry Neely – you are the proud new owner of a “Perfect Putting Machine”.  Congrats on winning the contest and thank you for participating.


(Written By: GolfSpy_Tim) Is it possible that you can learn a perfect putting stroke? And if so, can the Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine actually do that?

If the perfect putt means starting the ball on line every time and repeating this over and over, while at the same time practicing distance control, and several other facotors, then I think the Perfect Putting Machine is onto something.

Ease of Use/Set Up

The Perfect Putting Machine (let’s call it the PPM from here on) website claims about a 5 minute setup time – personally, my first go at it took closer to 20 minutes – my excuse is that I’ve been hit in the head MANY times (most memorably was in grade school randomly enough while practicing putting…, but that’s a different story for a different time)

After your initial setup you can either leave the unit together and use it anytime, or you can take it apart and set it up easily in 5 minutes when traveling with the PPM.

If you have a putter with a face that a magnet will stick to, ease of use is incredibly simple.

For those with a plastic/non-metallic insert on your putter face, you will need to use the provided double sided tape to attach a magnet on both the toe and heed side of your putter – the tape comes off, but it’s a bit of a hassle to do this over and over again.

Score: 9/10


In creating a consistent stroke that brings your putter face back to square at impact in the same spot each time, the PPM does a great job. You can also use it to practice your tempo and distance control, aim, and setup.  Simply put, yes the ppm is effective.

I haven’t dropped the number of strokes I thought I would by using the PPM, but I do feel more confident in my stroke and how it should feel and function properly.  Using the PPM I’m able to check many aspects of my putting at address as well as throughout my stroke.

While my Perfect Putting Machine was shipped in a carrying case, the unit is not very portable. Sure, you could bring it out to the practice green with you, but in all reality, I’m not that guy.  Instead, I setup and leave the ppm in my office. I can step away from my desk to take a break and take some practice swings to engrain more of a feel for my putting stroke.

You do receive immediate feedback on your stroke – if you are over rotating or under rotating, the putter will come off of the magnets on the track and you will immediately know something is wrong – and you can easily work out adjusting your swing while using the Perfect Putting Machine.

Will this machine get you to drop putts like Tiger used to be able to do? Maybe, maybe not– but I do believe the PPM will help you to identify and immediately fix many possible flaws in your stroke, as well as practice your perfect putt perfectly over and over.

Score: 28/30


Z Factor has created a very well thought out and sturdy machine. Made from steel and plexiglass, I can’t imagine even the most roudy user wearing through a PPM in two years. Short of throwing the thing off the top of a tall building, what I am saying is, I don’t think you could break the unit.

Will I be using the PPM for a long long time? I hope so. I can see using the PPM to start to tune my stroke, and as a way to check back in periodically to ensure you’re not straying off course too much.

Score: 19/20


Any training aid at $200 is likely to be a stretch for most folks, but most training aids just don’t deliver on the same level.

The construction, ability to be used by 6 different putting strokes for both right and left handed golfers, working on numerous fundamentals all at once – the PPM has a lot going on that most training aids can’t touch.

Is it worth $200? Yes.  The catch is, most golfers would rather put their cash into full swing training.  Priced closer to $125 I have a feeling these would sell like lemonade on a warm day.

Score: 18/20

The Peanut Gallery

Watching my gallery use the PPM, I could see right away the feedback everyone was getting. The toughest part was telling them to be patient figuring out which arc setting was right for them.

After their initial setup, I didn’t really need to provide much input. They could see if their putter was coming off the magnets or not, and could feel the stroke.

While they each gave positive responses, upon hearing the price, none were stepping up to make the purchase for themselves and said they might be showing up with beer next time so they could use my PPM.

Score: 17/20

Final Thoughts

Z Factor is all about creating muscle memory and reinforcing the Perfect Putt – Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.

I believe the PPM does deliver on creating a perfect stroke when your putter is in the machine. Whether a person can recreate that stroke perfect in a round may be near impossible, but the perfect putting machine sure does help guide you in that direction.

This is a product that will guide you toward several great putting fundamentals – squared face at impact, getting the ball on line, aim, ball position in your stance, and distance control. That’s not bad for one single training aid, you might even say that’s pretty impressive.

Score: 91/100

Terry Neely you are the proud new owner of a “Perfect Putting Machine”.  Congrats on winning the contest and thank you for participating.