cobra l5v driver

Released in October?

With the recent price drop of the ancient Cobra L4V you just knew the new model was around the corner. And we did not have to wait long…today a picture surfaced of the new (well for 3 months) Cobra driver. Word is the new Cobra L5V driver will be released in October. And from what we hear this will also have an adjustable face angle similar to the new Nike Dymo Driver.

Other Models Coming Soon

The new Cobra L5V model above seems to be the replacement for the the Cobra L4V F. If it is like the L4V F it will be made for the faster-ball-speed players, the L4V F Driver generated high launch and low spin. Which is what this model looks like it will replace. The other new Cobra models will be out soon so keep checking back for a sneak peek.

The Dilemma

So do you wait for the new model to come out in October or do you go get a deal on the old version now that the price has dropped? If you want to get a good deal on the L4V for $299 just click here. Or get the NEW L5V here.


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