Our Toolkit

You asked. We delivered. For years, our loyal readers have pondered one very important question. “What gear do you guys use?”

Our Toolkit is the emphatic (and longwinded) answer. Listed here are gear items that we use on a daily basis. From the things that power our Most Wanted Testing and Ball Lab, to the cool camera gear that make our videos sparkle … It’s all here.

Whether you’re looking to build an indoor golf simulator, or just want to dink around with a few golf balls you found in the woods, we have the gear you need to succeed.

Tools We Use for Golf Club Testing

Foresight GC4

The Foresight GC4 launch monitor powers our Most Wanted Testing. Every shot, every data point. Everything we do starts and ends with the GC4.

Titleist ProV1

The official golf ball of MyGolfSpy testing. The Titleist ProV1 is our golf ball of choice for all of our golf club testing.

SigPro Softy

The SigPro Softy hitting mat is the official hitting mat of MyGolfSpy club testing.

SigPro Impact Hitting Screen

This screen has been through it all. It’s able to withstand hundreds of thousands of shots during our Most Wanted Testing.

Mitchell Golf – TourGauge Digital Iron Machine

Loft and lie measurements are a must when testing clubs. Does the measured loft and lie match what the company promises?

Vessel Golf Den Caddy

We keep our hitting bays organized with Vessel’s Den Caddy. This is a must for any hitting bay or golf studio.

Orange Whip Swing Trainer

Before any hitting session, testers and staff alike warm up with the Orange Whip.

Cuater Premier Golf Glove

We keep our hitting bays stocked with Cuater Golf Gloves to ensure each club test starts with a solid grip.

Tools We Use for Ball Lab

M12™ Plastic Pipe Shear Kit

No MGS Ball Lab is complete without cutting a few golf balls in half. This Milwaukee cutter is the perfect tool for the job.

NEEDONE Electric Cooler Humidor

Keeping all golf balls temperature controlled is a must for consistency in our Ball Lab. Move over, cigars!

Ohaus PX323 Pioneer Analytical Balance Scale

This highly accurate scale is what we use to ensure each golf ball meets the USGA’s weight limit requirements.

Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE Digital Indicator (Model 547-476B)

Diameter measurements for taken with a Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE Digital Indicator outfitted with a custom machined radiused base and indicator tip.

Tools We Use for Club Building

Golf Club Regripping Station

When we test grips, nothing makes our life easier than this mobile regripping station.

Wedge Stamping Table

Custom stamping is a breeze with this slick set of stamps and Stamping Block.

Golf Club Paint Fill

Custom stamps deserve custom paint. Enough said.

Mitchell Golf Hook Blade Grip Knife

Removing grips (easily) requires a hook knife. This thing is a life saver at our regripping station.

Tools We Use for Video & Photo

Canon EOS C70

Those professional videos we shoot for every Most Wanted test? This is the proverbial engine.

Canon EOS R6

We keep our golf club photos looking extra crispy with this easy to use Canon mirrorless camera.

Aputure Bi-Color LED Monolight

Snagging the perfect shot is only possible with perfect lighting. This Monolight powers a lot of our snazzy media.

Intellytech Bi-Color LED Flexible Mat

For bigger lightning needs, this LED mat is easy to assemble and a breeze to use.

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