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Not all golf balls are created equal. Is soft really soft? Does urethane spin more than ionomer? We have the answers to these questions - and many more - thanks to our extensive golf ball reviews.

The one piece of equipment that you use on every single shot is the golf ball, so it should perform exactly how you expect it to. No one in the industry is more thorough or complete with their golf ball test as we are. Why go through all that effort? The answer is simple; we want you, the golfer, to get what you pay for.

Your game is our mission. Now, let’s find the golf ball that’ll help, not hinder your game.

The best performing drivers paired to your swing.

Find Your Match.

Answer a few questions about your swing, and we’ll match your game to our database of over 100,000 swings. With 97.8% of swings matched, we’ll recommend the top performing drivers that will give you the best results. Maximize your potential with advanced golf analytics powered by MyGolfSpy.

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Titleist ProV1 Golf Balls

Titleist ProV1 Golf Balls
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