Cobra – The Most Under Rated Company in Golf?

I have said it before and I think it’s worth saying again…Cobra Golf might be the most under rated golf equipment company in the business.  For many people they fly way under the radar when they think about making a new club or set purchase.  But year in and year out their gear performs near the top of almost every list in terms of performance.  Something I can’t say about some of the companies above them on the golf equipment sales totem pole.


And nothing against Titleist but cupid struck the jugular when PUMA picked up Cobra. PUMA + COBRA = PERFECT MATCH.  But since the purchase many of you have been wondering when the PUMA influence would start to ooze its way over to the clubs coming out on the Cobra side.  Well you might not have noticed but they already have…the limited edition releases of late is a specialty of PUMA’s.  But in 2012 you will really start to see the PUMA influence on the Cobra line.

The Rickie Fowler Era

Also it seems as though Cobra is finding a nice niche in the industry…which can be tougher then it looks.  Some companies might try to be known for the hybrid or maybe the driver, some others focus on wedges or irons.  And even more now seem to focus on multiple handicap ranges.  This is one of the reasons you see so many new club offerings in the golf OEM’s line-ups nowadays.  Where they used to focus on high, middle or low handicaps…they are now also focusing on the in-betweens. But Cobra seems to be focusing on something not many others are paying much attention to and that is age ranges.  They know that Rickie Fowler influences more young golfers then any other golfer.  So they look to be trying to attract not only the traditional Cobra fan but also the younger generation as well.  And not many companies do that better then PUMA on a large scale.

Tell Cobra What You Think About Their 2012 Line!

Well enough about what I think about Cobra and their clubs of late…more importantly what are your thoughts?  Sit back, relax and digest the pics below. Then let Cobra know what you think of their 2012 club releases.  In the woods category I think it’s the best looking line-up they have ever released…they give just about every style golfer something they might like.

2012 Cobra Amp Driver (Style #1)

2012 cobra amp driver pics

2012 Cobra Baffler T-Rail = BAD ASS!

2012 cobra baffler

2012 Cobra ZL Encore (White Version)

2012 cobra zl encore white

Cobra Long Tom (Black Version)

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