How Conventions Were Forever Changed

A little over 100 years ago in a place called Beller's Beer Garden the very 1st Auto Show was launched.  This show and these things called cars would forever change the landscape of the country.  We all know about that story.  But a story not as well known is about how one vendor at that same show would also forever change the way these and millions of other products sold to consumers were marketed from this point forward.


A man with a tiny and somewhat insignificant product at the show had a BIG idea {insert: light bulb above head}.   He thought to himself, "Maybe I should put a pretty lady in front of my booth and see what happens." And, well, the rest is history!

Shame On Us

Nowadays, everything from cardboard golf tees to some of the most technologically advanced clubs on the market have ladies casting voodoo spells over man's simple brains to get us to listen to their newly rehearsed 90-second elevator pitch.  And you know not only still works to this day...but it works extremely well.  Shame on us.

So with that being said, it has become somewhat of a golf industry tradition to have what other sites call the "Booth Babe Poll" , I prefer to call it the "Ladies of the Show Poll" but Tomato...Tomahto.   Anyways...enough fictitious story telling merely meant to grab your attention long enough to get you to vote.  Not like the pictures of these pretty ladies wasn't enough. Alright...GO VOTE!

Which Is Your Favorite "Lady of the Show"?

Pick Your Favorite "Lady of the Show!"

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