Revolutionary Not Evolutionary

Remember what Netflix did to Blockbuster stores? What about how quickly the cell phone virtually eliminated the payphone?

Sometimes technology seems to change literally overnight. Rapid change only happens because something was built that made the existing model obsolete.

This is what might be happening to the putter as you know it.

In golf, there is evolutionary technology and revolutionary.

Evnroll is the revolutionary kind.

Any golfer without this in their bag after today is, playing inferior technology. Evnroll should make all other designs obsolete.

Why Evnroll?

If I were to tell you that with Evnroll technology, no matter where on the face you hit the ball, it ends up in the same spot. Would you be intrigued? What if we told you that we saw it make balls actually curve back towards the hole when mishit. Well, that is exactly what our testers saw over and over again in our lab.


How Putters Used To Be Designed

Since the birth of golf, there have been tens of thousands of putter designs. Most come with little to no evidence that the advancement offered, whatever it happens to be, can actually lower your score. When you think about that, it’s kind of amazing.

Millions of dollars of R&D and still very little data that suggests newer tech is better tech.


Grooves That Actually Do Something

Some putter grooves have been shown to produce forward roll more quickly than others. You’ve probably seen the videos. It sounds great, doesn’t it? But did you know that there’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that a ball that starts rolling faster goes in the hole more often? The reality is, most putter grooves don’t matter. So what makes the grooves on an Evnroll Putter any different?

Let’s go back to what piqued our curiosity about this technology.

Firstly, there was a video we saw detailing what the putter could do. What it showed was something you wouldn’t believe unless you saw it for yourself.

Secondly, a few years ago we ran what we felt was and still is the most comprehensive independent head-to-head putter test and analysis done in the golf industry. We learned plenty. Sufficed to say that we’re 100% confident that many of you can absolutely lower your score by doing nothing more than changing putters.

What we realized was that no matter what putter we tested, if it had PING TR grooves it almost always outperformed the putters that didn’t. Grooves don’t matter. The right grooves matter. The TR groove story isn’t about getting the ball rolling quickly, it’s about creating a consistent roll on every strike.

We’ve seen TR grooves make a difference year after year after year.

Marketing is Not Performance

Golf equipment is an industry where legend often outweighs reality, but our testing constantly reminds us that marketing and mythology, no matter how strong, are NOT performance.

There are, however, rare products that almost the day they are released seem to forever change the path of how golf is played. We’re talking about products driven by performance. We all remember what titanium did to the driver. You never went back to steel or wood. If you did you would be giving up real performance. Almost nobody disputes this. It is fact.

We believe Evnroll putter technology can do for golfers on the green what titanium did on the tee box.

After today, there are 3 kinds of putters:

  • Conventional Putters
  • Putters with TR Groove Technology
  • Putters with EVNroll Technology

Here is a basic overview of how these three types of putters (technology) work:

evnroll putter test data

As you can see from the graphic above, a putter that actually offers this type of technology could dramatically impact your ability to make more putts. Lucky for you, one does.

As you’ll see below, we’ve tested it. This graphic isn’t just a fancy piece of marketing. This is real technology, and our test results suggest it results in fewer missed putts. This is what we call disruptive technology.

TEST: Best of The Best

After seeing videos of this technology we quickly reached out to Evnroll putters and asked for samples to be sent to the MyGolfSpy Test Facility for further evaluation.

Evnroll putters weren’t available in time for our 2016 Most Wanted Putter test, so to evaluate the effectiveness of this new technology, we put four Evnroll models up against the best performing putters from our recent 2016 putter test.  Call it a head-to-head test against only the best.

The Data

To find out how Guerin Rife’s new Evnroll putters perform, we put 4 models to the test against our 2016 Most Wanted Blade and 2016 Most Wanted Mallet putters. Here are the results.


  • Evnroll models dominated the top 5 from 5 feet.
  • Evnroll models finished 1st and 2nd from 10 feet.
  • The Evnroll ER2 required 9 fewer putts to complete holes at the 10′ distance.
  • At 20′ the PING Ketch Mid again finished on top, with 3 Evnroll models finishing within 3 putts.
  • When we look at the number of putts per hole, and SG18, Evnroll putters filled the top 5, besting both of 2016’s Most Wanted Putters.

Testing Notes:

  • 10 testers participated in this test

Final Thoughts

Not only did Evnroll technology outperform the best putter we have ever tested at MyGolfSpy, the data shows that the Evnroll technology outperformed it across each of the 4 models we tested.

We believe the answer to Evnroll’s surprisingly strong showing lies in its grooves. Evnroll putters are the only putters with gearing technology, which helps steer the ball back to the target.

This is a new frontier in putter design, and potentially the most significant putter technology since the Anser, and TR Grooves. That is elite company to say the least.

Evnroll technology is the culmination of Guerin Rife’s long career, and the results suggest it’s nothing short of a masterpiece.

Golfers who want to score better should consider Evnroll putters for one reason: Performance

This, so far in golf, is the perfect putter from grip to groove.