We are independent, unbiased and always put you the #ConsumerFirst. Our job is your game. Our mission is to inform and protect you the golf consumer.

That being said, the road to finding the best performing golf equipment every year for consumers is a difficult one. We use a science based testing system and a proprietary data algorithm to help solve this complex problem for golfers all over the world. This year we will collect over 50,000 swings and 1,000,000 data points. These tests will be seen and help over 7 Million golfers in 2018 make more informed buying decisions. We test equipment head-to-head so you will know how the clubs perform best for you before you buy.

The majority of the golf equipment manufacturers support our unbiased testing along with other testing done by other golf media outlets. However, there is the occasion where a company declines to participate. The companies that declined to participate in this year’s test have done a great job marketing their products and often have the most to lose by participating in independent testing. So, while we understand they may decline based on their individual business interests, our only interest is you, the consumer.

That means we have to test these products even when manufacturers decline to participate voluntarily.

Who Is In & Who Is Out

Today, we ask for your help. And for that help, everything you give to us will be given right back to you (more on that below). Below is a list of all the companies that are supporting unbiased testing for 2018.  The companies who chose not to support our testing are also listed.


What We Want To Test For You

Below is the list of products we hope to buy and test for you:


What You Get For Donating

For everything you give to us, we will give back to you plus a little more.

All those that donate today and support unbiased testing will get the following: