Aloha! One of Robert J. Bettinardi’s most anticipated Limited Run putters is back to start the 2019 golf season!

That’s right, we are on the cusp of the 2019 golf season! For those of you currently under mountains of frozen white stuff, golf season may seem forever away, but take heart; there are promising signs that golf season is set to make its return. There is a veritable deluge of new gear on the horizon, as well as formal announcements of new professional equipment contracts. Justin Rose to Honma? Yup, that’s for real happening.

For me though, nothing signifies the start of a new season golf season like the PGA swinging through Hawaii.

Full disclosure, the weather is not terrible this December in NorCal, but it is nothing like the sun-splashed Hawaiian weather that we will see on TV in the coming weeks. How can one not get psyched for the upcoming golf season when watching someone bomb one into the sunset on the 18th at Kapalua?

Though perhaps not as majestic a golf portent as a Hawaiian vista, Bettinardi’s annual release of a Limited Edition Tiki putter also signals that golf is about to begin anew again. The Bettinardi Tiki release captures a bit of that Hawaiian mystique and sends the putter aficionado on a spiritual voyage to the islands.

Let’s take a look at what RJB and crew have put together this year.

The 2019 Bettinardi Tiki BB1 has all of the trappings that we expect to see with a Tiki release. At the base, you get the big wave tested BB1 head, milled to Bettinardi’s usual acme of precision. From there, you’ll find new design elements that Bettinardi has created to evoke the Hawaiian vibe.

This year, the theme is unquestionably oceanic. Starting in the cavity, we see a series of wave-making symbols cleverly interlaced with the RJB initials. The fin in the cavity also hints at the other theme found in the 2019 Tiki.

The Tiki putter features intricate tribal milling along the outer neck, and a sole that features the most feared creature to inhabit the oceans, the Great White Shark!

That’s right, this year’s Tiki putter features a great white shark! Nothing will make one soil a wetsuit faster than seeing the beast in the gray suit patrolling the surf at just below skag depth. Fortunately, this great white probably won’t mistake you for a seal.

Not only will you spot the landlord’s fin in the cavity, but you’ll find him in full splendor on the sole of the putter and again on the headcover.

Slightly less chompy, but equally as oceanic are the waves in the unique FIT face milling. These rolling waves should impart a soft feel at impact. Nothing but smooth, slow rollers on the green when you putt with this Tiki.

2019 Bettinardi Tiki BB1 Specifications:

  • Model: BB1
  • Material: Soft Carbon Steel
  • Finish: Matte Black PVD
  • Face Milling: Fancy F.I.T. Face
  • Weight: 350 grams
  • MSRP: $525.00
  • Release Date: Thursday, January 10th, 2019

Mahalo Bettinardi

If you are looking to add this Tiki to your collection, you’ll need to check your local Bettinardi dealer or on January 10th. If this release is anything like their previous Hive releases, you’ll want to act quickly, or you’ll find that this great white has returned to the inaccessible depths.

Should you want to grab something Hawaiian themed that won’t bite the pocket quite as much, Bettinardi will also be releasing a set of ball markers and pitch tools. The surfboard-shaped pitch tool looks like it has seen a bit of shark action. You may need a bigger boat.