With our annual “One Word” Survey, we get of sense of your perceptions of certain golfer brands. With our Golfers’ Choice survey, we get to find out if those perceptions carry over to your golf bag.

A WITB for Average Joes

What’s in the Bag (or WITB for short) on the PGA TOUR is a big conversation point but we’re more interested in what our readers—real golfers who are among the most avid anywhere—have in their bags. Presumably unencumbered by endorsement deals, what you choose to spend money on and ultimately put in your bag is far more telling than what the pros are paid to play.

We want to know if you’ve bought new clubs recently and what brands you’ve chosen to fill every spot in your bag.

And, just because we’re curious, we’ve thrown in a couple of questions along the way but, in five minutes or less, you can help us better understand what brands MyGolfSpy readers are choosing to play.

As always, we’ll share some of the more interesting results in a few weeks.

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