• Limited run Bettinardi putter to commemorate the first major of 2021.
  • Only 350 of this uniquely crafted BB14 will be available.
  • For sale in The Hive at Bettinardi.com on 04/06/2021

Today, we get our first look at Bettinardi’s Spring Classic BB14 limited run putter. Naturally, the timing of this release has something to do with the upcoming “first major” next week. This is the time of year when the golf industry hits its Masters-inspired gear stride. What makes the Bettinardi annual releases a little different is that there is usually a nugget of Bettinardi Masters play history incorporated into the design.

For the collector, this season’s Spring Classic BB14 hits all of the limited-edition marks. It has the unique Masters-inspired aesthetics and a head that is not available as a retail offering. Sprinkle in some of that Bettinardi flavor and you have the markings of a classic limited offering.

Introducing Robert Bettinardi’s second limited run putter of 2021, the BB14 Spring Classic. Robert crafted the BB14 from the finest American 303 Stainless Steel, including a stunning copper insert with Flymill face milling for a super-soft, responsive feel at impact. The classic heel-toe weighted blade was precision-milled to 354 grams and features a double-bend shaft that sets up masterfully at address. Completed with an exceptional platinum finish and a polished face and sole, the Spring Classic putter features a rich green, white, and copper color scheme. The BB14 Spring Classic Limited Run putter comes perfectly paired with a green stitch-back perforated leather Gripmaster grip and a premium Made in USA matching leather headcover.

Specs: Limited Run Bettinardi Spring Classic BB14

  • Model: BB14
  • Material: 303 Stainless Steel/110 Copper Insert
  • Finish: Platinum Body/Polished Face & Sole
  • Face Milling: Flymill
  • Weight: 354 grams
  • Neck: Spud
  • Toe Hang: Face Balanced
  • Grip: Leather Gripmaster
  • Units Produced: 350 worldwide
  • Price: $800.00
  • Release Date: 04/06/2021


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Spring Classic BB14: Augusta Aesthetics

A putter to commemorate the first major needs have some green. Usually, some yellow as well to complete the visual theme. These requisite colors on Bettinardi Spring Classic BB14 are actually a bit understated. The green is limited to bumper and sole paint fill, and yellow is absent altogether. The bold green of the grip and headcover push the needle a bit closer to Augusta, but the overall impression is not as overt as often observed.

Overall, the aesthetics really showcase the copper insert. The copper paint in the cavity, on the sole, and even the copper stitching in the hex B on the head cover suggest that the copper face is what we should be paying attention to with this putter. But how does a copper face tie into The Masters?

Spring Classic BB14: Face Balanced and Copper

Though not a new head, it has been a while since Bettinardi has offered a BB14. My guess is that we saw the last one in the early 2000’s. Maybe the retro head selection represents a recurring theme with the Spring Classic run. Last year’s Spring Classic BB1.1 putter was a throwback head design as well. Regardless, the face-balanced BB14’s rarity fits the limited run mandate perfectly.

Another recurring theme of Bettinardi’s Spring Classic release is the milled face insert. Last year, it was a stainless insert in a carbon steel head. This time around we get a copper face insert in a stainless head. The milled insert is another classic Bettinardi design dating back to Bob Bettinardi’s work with Scotty Cameron in the 1990’s. It doesn’t say Tel3 anywhere on this putter, but that is what the copper insert with the elastomer perimeter reminded me of initially. Tiger did win the 1997 Masters with a Tel3 putter that was milled by Mr. Bettinardi, so inclusion of the insert fits the Masters theme nicely.

Collecting the Spring Classic BB14

Masters and/or Bettinardi collectors will need to be ready on April 6th to acquire this putter. It will go on sale promptly at 10am CST in The Hive at Bettinardi.com. At $800, this putter definitely sits at the high end of the memorabilia scale. However, with only 350 available it will sell out in minutes.

Find out more at Bettinardi.com