• TaylorMade is releasing four new Spider models in 2021.
  • New models include the paint-free Spider X Hydro Blast, the high-MOI Spider S and SR and the brand-new Spider EX.
  • The new Spider EX line features a new True Path alignment scheme, the new Fluted Feel™ shaft and the new Pure Roll² insert.

Arachnophobes beware! The TaylorMade Spider clutter is growing in 2021. Yes, “clutter” is the proper term for a group of spiders. It’s a pretty significant clutter at that. These 2021 TaylorMade Spider models feature new shafts, new heads, new alignment schemes, new inserts and new spins on previous designs. That’s a whole lot of new right there!

It’s a tangled web we navigate today. Let’s start with the most familiar spider, the Spider X.

2021 Spider X Hydro Blast

The TaylorMade Spider X model is a success story for TaylorMade. In less than two years, it has 11 PGA TOUR wins. I’d argue that the Spider X in the hands of Jon Rahm delivered the putt of the year in 2020.

Since it is a fairly new model and has proven successful, TaylorMade is not changing much with the new Spider X Hydro Blast. This Spider is getting a paint upgrade and, by upgrade, I mean total paint removal.

As the name suggests, the aluminum body of the putter is being treated with high-pressure water rather than painted. This process smooths the putter, leaving the head with the silvery aluminum finish.

In perhaps the greatest bit of spin ever, TaylorMade is marketing this as a way to improve durability because a lack of paint will eliminate paint chipping and scratching. Many of you asked about the paint chipping in my previous Spider articles. While my Spiders have not chipped, TaylorMade must be aware of the issue and the Hydro Blast Spider X is a solution.


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While the body of the Spider X Hydro Blast is essentially raw metal, it doesn’t produce a ton of glare, even in full sun. The aluminum body has a matte finish that makes it more non-reflective than I expected. Since it’s aluminum, I wouldn’t expect the metal to rust like it could with steel.

Should an exposed metal body not fit your fancy, you can always design your own Spider X with the TaylorMade mySpider X designer. Hi Joker…

Specifications 2021 TaylorMade Spider X Hydro Blast

  • Materials: Aluminum and composite body
  • Weights: Aluminum, steel and tungsten
  • Head Weight: 355g
  • Finish: Hydro Blast
  • Necks: Single-bend and flow-neck
  • Toe Hang: Face-balanced / 21°
  • Alignment: White True Path™
  • Insert: white TPU Pure Roll™
  • Lengths: 33”, 34” and 35”
  • Shaft: KBS Chrome C-Taper stepless shaft
  • Grip: Super Stroke Pistol GTR 1.0 grip
  • Order: March 2
  • Available: March 12
  • MSRP: $279.99

2021 TaylorMade Spider S

The TaylorMade Spider S was first released in 2020. Its body was a break from the traditional Spider design, featuring more of a winged or fang shape designed to maximize MOI. For 2021, the Spider S maintains its shape but is getting an alignment change and some new neck options.

The first version of the Spider S featured a three-line alignment scheme on the top line. Building on that idea, the 2021 Spider S features a larger arrow-shaped True Path alignment scheme that is again on the top line and about a ball width in diameter.

The 2021 Spider S will also be available with a L-neck option for added toe hang. This should suit players with a little more arc in their putting stroke.

2021 TaylorMade Spider SR

The Spider SR is new for 2021. It is similar to the Spider S but it is a little more compact and the tungsten cross bar that connects the wings on the Spider S has been replaced with independent weights on the wings. The True Path alignment scheme moves from the top line to the cavity.

Although a bit smaller than the Spider S (5mm), the Spider SR is still a high-MOI head. This makes the Spider SR one of the most stable and forgiving Spiders. Stability is so key a feature that the SR in the Spider SR name stands for stability refined.

Both the Spider S and the Spider SR will feature the new Fluted Feel™ shaft. More on that shaft in just a bit.

Specifications: 2021 TaylorMade Spider S and Spider SR

  • Materials: Milled 6061 aluminum
  • Weights: Tungsten
  • Head Weight: 355g
  • Finish: Platinum/White
  • Necks: Single-bend and L-neck
  • Toe Hang: Face-balanced / 20°
  • Alignment: White True Path™
  • Insert: white TPU Pure Roll™
  • Lengths: 33”, 34” and 35”
  • Shaft: KBS Fluted Feel™ shaft
  • Grip: Super Stroke Pistol GTR 1.0 grip
  • Order: March 2
  • Available: April 9
  • MSRP: $279.99

2021 TaylorMade Spider EX

The 2021 TaylorMade Spider EX is a completely new Spider model. The Spider EX has the overall Spider shape of previous putters but it is a little larger and more rounded at the rear than the Spider X. The shape alteration and the fact there are three colors and three necks to choose from are only a minor parts of the Spider EX story. The big story is the amount of brand-new putting tech that TaylorMade has packed into this new arachnid.

New True Path Alignment Scheme

As you can see in the photos, the Spider EX’s version of the True Path alignment aid differs from the Spider X. We now see more of a T-shaped white area as well as three alignment dots and two long parallel lines. Overall, there has been a shift in the alignment scheme toward the front of the putter.

I could feel this impact on my address optics while rolling the Spider X and the Spider EX side by side. With the Spider X, my eyes rest more toward the center of the putter at address. With the Spider EX, the new alignment elements drew my gaze forward.

New Fluted Feel™ Shaft

With existing shaft options, many players told us they couldn’t feel the full weight of the putter head or feel the toe release. We didn’t want to just make the shaft softer (add flex) to improve feel at the sacrifice of stability. That inspired us to go this journey with KBS and develop a shaft that delivers on both fronts.

Bill Price, Product Creation, Putters and Wedges

TaylorMade and shaft maker KBS have developed a shaft for the Spider EX line called the Fluted Feel™. Those of you versed in putter lore will know a fluted putter shaft is not a brand-new idea. I think I have an old Bullseye and maybe a TP Mills somewhere around here with a fluted shaft. So it’s not a new idea but it is one we haven’t seen recently. The last fluted putter shaft at retail might have been 50 years ago. The only recent fluted shaft that comes to mind was with the Wilson Centennial 8802 and that seemed to be done mainly to fit the retro theme.

I think it was very clever of TaylorMade to solve their feel issue by looking to the past. Obviously, improving on past designs is a significant part of golf club design. Still, working with KBS to modernize the fluted putter shaft was definitely an exercise in divergent thinking.

New Pure Roll² Insert

The TaylorMade Spider EX putters will also feature the new Pure Roll² insert. This is the first insert TaylorMade has produced using co-molded construction. The Pure Roll² insert features the roll-promoting 45-degree grooves found in the original Pure Roll insert. However, this time around, they are made by embedding eight aluminum beams in White TPU urethane.

I found the Pure Roll² insert plays a little firmer than the Pure Roll and produces more of a tone at impact. The roll of the ball seemed very similar for both. That is not a knock on the new insert. The original Pure Roll is a solid performer. Go watch that Rahm putt again. If the new production mechanism opens up areas for design innovations or profits for TaylorMade and it rolls as good as the original, it’s a winner.

Specifications: 2021 TaylorMade Spider EX

  • Materials: Aluminum and carbon composite
  • Weights: Steel, aluminum, and tungsten
  • Head Weight: 352g
  • Finish: Platinum/White, Navy/White, Ghost White
  • Necks: Single-bend, short-slant and flow-neck
  • Toe Hang: Face-balanced / 28° / 20°
  • Alignment: White True Path™
  • Insert: White Pure Roll² insert
  • Lengths: 33”, 34” and 35”
  • Shaft: KBS Fluted Feel™ shaft
  • Grip: Super Stroke Pistol GTR 1.0 grip
  • Order: March 2
  • Available: March 12
  • MSRP: $349.99

A Clutter of TaylorMade Spiders

See, I told you it was a clutter of Spiders. So many choices. You have the two high MOI fang-type Spiders, a paint-free Spider and high-tech Spiders. All of these have different neck options as well. It’s definitely a good time to be a mallet player.

Do you have a favorite? If you want one, you won’t need to wait very long. All of these Spiders are available for order March 2. The Spider X Hydro Blast and the Spider EX models will hit shops on March 12 with the Spider S and SR arriving April 9.

For more info, head to taylormadegolf.com.

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