Every year, adidas is in the running for the top five of our Most Wanted Shoe Tests. One shoe, in particular, has always been a solid performer: the TOUR360.

But why? For the most part, little has changed visually over the years. But what you get with the TOUR360 is much more than what you see.

When Boost Technology, previously found only in their running shoes, was introduced in the TOUR360 golf shoes was a monumental breakthrough for adidas Golf.

I’ve tried every TOUR360 model even before coming to work for MyGolfSpy. Even before the introduction of Boost Technology, the sexiness of the TOUR360 had me hooked.

I know what you’re asking. What’s the difference from last year’s model? We will get to that later. But I agree with you. It looks the same as last year—just a different color combo.

Looking Back on the TOUR360

Did you know the TOUR360 has been around for 17 years? It’s gone through some hard times, just like any teenager going through puberty. Crazy hairstyles being one of them.

Exhibit A!

We all thought it was a good idea at the time but, looking back on it, well … you know the rest  😆

Other than the looks of the TOUR360 OG, adidas has always focused on performance. The latest version is no different. Typically, in recent years, we have seen many companies, including adidas, trend towards a more lifestyle look. But the TOUR360 family has stayed true to its demographic and made sure the iconic three-striped look remained paramount.

Where adidas really turned a corner is when they introduced Boost Technology. Say what you want about, “Dude it’s just foam,” Boost Technology really works, proving itself in testing year after year.

What is Boost?

Boost Technology was launched in their running shoes in 2013 and introduced into their golf shoes in 2016. It is constructed from thermoplastic polyurethane particles which are expanded to form closed cells around tiny pockets of air. Think of foam packaging but smaller and more condensed. Obviously, it has some hidden tech as well but that’s for another day. The resulting product is known as expanded thermoplastic polyurethane—eTPU for short.

adidas claims the IR Boost Technology offers more energy return when walking 18 holes. Boost tech also stands the test of time without losing its form and is flexible enough to contour to your every step. While that sounds too good to be true, it really works from my own experience.

The New TOUR360 22

Let’s start with what’s new in the TOUR360 22. The new model has a DUALSTACK Midsole, GEOFIT Collar Pad, 3D TORSION SYSTEM and an INSITE Sockliner. Don’t you love all the words that might as well be a different language?  If you’re like me, you’re thinking, “What the hell does that all mean?”

I’ll do my best to break down each stage.


The Dualstack midsole is basically your engine. It has full-length Boost cushioning with an EVA stability frame. “EVA” loosely translates to polymer-ethylene-vinyl for those who like me didn’t have the foggiest when first learning about golf shoes. The EVA stability frame in the TOUR360 22 is a horseshoe-shaped piece that surrounds the full-length Boost with EVA (polymer-ethylene-vinyl 😉) chassis which is placed in the forefoot to provide lightweight stability, comfort and performance.

GEOFIT Collar Pad

Another cool name for the piece of the puzzle, the GEOFIT Collar Pad, is designed to enhance the fit and feel on the top of the foot for a more personalized fit. Think of a pillow gently filling in the space around your head or body and you have the same feeling as the GEOFIT.


This cheeky number targets the midsole part of the shoe. It gives your extra support and helps prevent twisting from heel to toe. The interesting part about the 3D Torsion System is that the 3D element wraps around both sides of the foot unlike other flat Torsion Systems seen in other shoes. Just think of a half-pipe for all those skater boys and snowboarders out there and you have the shape of the TOUR 360 22 3D Torsion System.

INSITE Sockliner

Short but sweet. The INSITE Sockliner does exactly what it says. It acts as a padded sock for better comfort and support.

Extra Nuggets Worth Mentioning

Although the adidas TOUR360s in the past have been spiked models, for the most part, the TOUR360 22 is a kinder spiked/spikeless version. A hybrid if you will.

Yes, there are spikes but you cannot remove them soooo, once they are run down, are the shoes useless? Yes! However, adidas assures us that durability was a very high priority when testing these spikes.

This naughty new spike system is called SPIKEMORE and they’re directly injected onto the TPU base. This spike system has somewhat been done before with the NIKE Air Infinity Tour and, well, we all know how I feel about those 🤬. I think the adidas version will be a lot better, somehow. It couldn’t get any worse.

The SPIKEMORE traction cleats have a broader surface area for more ground coverage. adidas also claims the new cleats are more green-friendly than the conventional screw-in spikes. That would be nice because you wouldn’t believe how many TOUR360-looking spike marks I have patted down.

The TOUR360 22 has an extra spike in the arch of your foot where, thanks to new technology, a vast amount of golfers load and push off while swinging. So why not plop an extra cleat in there for good measure?

Give Me That BOA (According to Tony Covey)

If you ever speak to our beloved MGS Managing Editor Tony Covey and get a one-word answer (which is hardly ever), he will tell you laces are passè and long live the BOA king/queen. But I still like the manual labor of tightening my shoes. Sorry, Tony.

The adidas TOUR360 22 has both laced and BOA versions to satisfy mine and Tony’s needs so we got that going for us, which is nice.

How Does the TOUR360 22 Feel?

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is they will be included in this year’s Most Wanted Spiked Shoe Test. The bad news is: You will have to wait a few weeks for the results.

Although, if the shoe is similar to the previous TOUR360 models, they will be up there with the best of the best.

Pricing and Availability

Retail price for the adidas TOUR360 22 is $210 while the TOUR360 22 BOA is $250.

The women’s TOUR360 22 comes in at $200 while the JR TOUR360 22 is $65 before tax.

Retail availability begins today, Jan. 24. Available for order now.

For more information, visit adidas.com

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