• The previously mallet-free Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K line now includes mallets.
  • Specifically, the iconic Seven and Rossie designs have received the Tri-Hot 5K treatment.
  • Available for preorder now, and in shops in February (MSRP: $399.99 USD)

Did the PGA Merchandise Show fill your belly with new release treats last week? Don’t push back from the table yet.

Odyssey has one more wafer-thin dessert mint.

You may remember Odyssey’s Tri-Hot 5K putter line from 2022. These were the multi-material putters that featured moment-of-inertia (MOI) values above 5,000. This may not seem significant as there are other mallet putters in your local shop above 5,000. The “gotcha” with the Tri-Hot 5K line was that all the high MOI putters were blades.

This year, Odyssey is adding mallets to the Tri-Hot 5K mix.

Yes, it is time for Seven and Rossie players to join the Tri-Hot 5K crew. Additionally, the Double Wide and Triple Wide models, which were arguably mallets anyway, gain new neck options this year. Not a huge line upgrade but one that should be welcome for many mallet players.

Let’s take a refresher course on the Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K design and then look at the new models.

Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K Tech

The most significant buzzword for the Tri-Hot 5K putter line is multi-material. I think that, even with a hyphen, that is still one word. Anyway, Odyssey put all kinds of materials in all kinds of places with the Tri-Hot 5K design.

In a single putter, you’ll find stainless steel, tungsten and aircraft-grade aluminum. Don’t forget that the Tri-Hot 5K putters also feature the original-recipe White Hot insert. Add that polymer concoction to the materials list as well.

The goal of the Tri-Hot 5K design is two-fold. First, the distribution of the components in the head boosts MOI above 5,000, hence the “5K” in the name. The goal of boosting the MOI is to improve stability. Additionally, the Tri-Hot 5K design allowed Odyssey designers to push the center of gravity (CG) forward. Odyssey believes that moving the CG forward improves the quality of roll.

Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K New Models

The new additions to the Tri-Hot 5K line, the Seven and Rossie, are classic Odyssey head designs. If you were going to choose two mallets to add, it makes sense that these two iconic shapes would be picked first. I’d say that only one other Odyssey mallet, the 2-Ball, is more iconic.

Both the Seven and the Rossie are offered with neck options. Rossie players can go with a double-bend/spud-hosel if they need their putter to be face-balanced or with a slant neck if more toe hang is required. Obviously, Jon Rahm has many of us looking at slant-neck Rossie putters these days. Dude is making everything (#ForksUp Jon).

The Tri-Hot 5K Seven has three neck options: double-bend, slant and crank hosel plumber’s neck. These three necks should fit straight, strong and slight arc swings, respectively.

With the additional models available in the White Hot OG and White Hot Versa lines, Seven players have gained multiple options this week.

As I mentioned, the Double Wide and Triple Wide models pick up an additional neck option in 2023. The Triple Wide will be offered as a center-shaft and the Double Wide can be had with a crank hosel plumber’s neck.

Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K, White Hot Versa and White Hot OG

Odyssey adding mallets to a mallet-free line seems like they broke their own rule. I’d wager the world’s No. 1 putter company in sales and on the PGA TOUR  probably knows what it is doing. Maybe the Tri-Hot 5K line was blades only just to show they could make a set of blade putters all above 5,000 MOI. That accomplished, Odyssey then rolled out the mallets. Regardless, these mallets will likely be a hit in the marketplace. Just think about how many players on the tours and at your course are playing mallets. How many of those are Odyssey mallets?

The only putter really missing from these new Odyssey lines is the 2-Ball. Sure, the 2-Ball design can be had in the continuing Eleven line but that just doesn’t pack the punch of having a Versa 2-Ball or Tri-Hot 5K 2-Ball. Yes, with all of these new Odyssey putters this week, I still want one or two more.

Regardless, normal folk would think the addition of the Tri-Hot 5K mallets should just about complete the Odyssey new putter cohort for 2023. For now it does but there is one more batch of Odyssey putters coming this spring. Odyssey’s Toulon Design putter line will also have new putters. Just not yet. OK, I can wait for one more course of Odyssey putters. Let’s digest these for now and know that Team Toulon is bringing us a milled dessert in a couple of months.

Find out more about the new 2023 Odyssey putters at Odyssey.com

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