By definition, a hybrid sits somewhere between a long-iron and fairway wood. It’s a loosely defined category with a variety of options.

While many shaft companies offer shafts for hybrid clubs, there isn’t necessarily a wealth of hybrid-specific shafts.

Nippon’s GOST (Graphite On Steel Technology) shaft is a bit different. Quite literally, the construction is graphite composite on top of a layer of steel.

Nippon’s objective with this shaft is to meld the primary benefits of steel (solid feel/dispersion) and carbon composites (launch/feel) into a single product.

In theory, it makes quite a bit of sense, but we want to see how it performs in the hands, er clubs, of our readers.


It may not entirely feel like it, but product testing is well underway at MyGolfSpy. We’re seeking four (4) of you to test, review, and keep a Nippon Modus GOST hybrid shaft. All you’ll need to do is share your results with MyGolfSpy’s community forum.

The testing is open to any left- or right-handed golfer who plays his or her golf in the United States. 

All of MyGolfSpy’s Community Reviews require a serious commitment. You need to be motivated, detail-oriented, and savvy with online forums. Writing a thorough, detailed, and honest review is a full two-month commitment. So, please make sure you read the following instructions carefully and apply in the proper place.

Please note this is not a giveaway or a contest. We’re looking for four golfers committed to making a full evaluation and writing a detailed review for our Community Forum. Testers will be selected based on the level of commitment demonstrated in the official Forum Application Thread.

That means to be a potential reviewer, you must be a registered member of the MyGolfSpy Community Forum.  In our forum, you’ll find thousands of like-minded golfers from all over the world anxious to talk about golf equipment.

How To Apply

This is important, so please read this next session carefully and follow the instructions fully. To be clear, applications made in the comments section below do not count!

To apply to test, review, and keep a Nippon GOST hybrid shaft:

– First, please sign up for the MyGolfSpy Community Forum (click here to register).
– Second, apply ONLY in the Official Nippon GOST Hybrid Shaft Testers Wanted thread in the Community Forum.

We’ll be selecting the testers in the next week or so, check back in the forum to see if you have been chosen.

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