The Fujikura Motore X shaft is engineered to help golfers multiply speed not just add it.

Increases in performance are based mostly on linear — “if A, then B” —  thinking. For example, if we push more weight low/rear in the clubhead, then MOI increases.

Multiplying technologies challenges golfers to consider the symbiotic relationship between different parts of the same system. The 2019 Fujikura Ventus is a solid example of this shift in thinking.

Basically, the concept with Motore X was to create a shaft that would increase swing speed by way of a torsionally stiffer handle section and varied material construction in the bias layer.

Now we want you to test it.

Fujkura Motore X Shaft

Testers Wanted

We’re looking for 5 golfers preferably with access to a launch monitor who reside in the US and are able to test outdoors.

How to Apply

MyGolfSpy takes its product testing very seriously. As such, all of our reader reviews are published in our Community Forum (click here to read some). We expect our reviewers to complete extensive on-course testing, compose a thorough, detailed, and honest review while participating in forum discussions.

That means to be a potential reviewer, you must be a registered member of the MyGolfSpy Community Forum. There you’ll find thousands of like-minded golfers from all over the world anxious to talk about golf equipment.

Fujkura Motore X Shaft

To apply to test and review and keep a Fujikura Motore X shaft here’s what you need to do:

– STEP ONE: If you haven’t done so already, please sign up for the MyGolfSpy Community Forum.
– STEP TWO: Apply ONLY in the Fujikura Motore X Testers Wanted thread in the Community Forum.

Good luck, we’ll be announcing the test participants next week, so check back in the forum community to see if you are chosen.