With Arccos Golf’s recent integration with the USGA, the company adds an important feature to its stat-tracking and performance management platform.

If Arccos isn’t a familiar name, here’s a primer. Or two.

Arccos Integration. Say What?

Software updates typically target improved convenience, added features or some measure of both. In this case, Arccos users now can input scores directly to their USGA handicap from the Arccos app. Additionally, Arccos members will be able to view their handicap index directly from the Arccos Caddie app. Essentially, it’s a portal within the Arccos Caddie app that allows users basic access to the USGA handicap dashboard.

If you already have Arccos, the update should be live and ready to go in the coming weeks. That said, a good bit of the country has already entered (or is about to) the inactive portion of the USGA calendar. To clarify, every state has an active season where golfers can post scores and receive an updated handicap index. States like California, Arizona and Florida are “Year-Round” and do not have an off season. Conversely, pretty much any state where people own a snow shovel (or better yet, a snowblower) have an inactive period from roughly the end of October through the beginning of March or April.

My $.05

While the timing of the release is slightly curious, software updates aren’t the same as launching a new driver or set of irons. That is, the when is less important than the what. This integration is a nice value-added feature for golfers who already own the Arccos Caddie hardware and sensors. Such updates don’t generally draw a lot of interest from potential consumers. It’s not the upgraded granite countertop that sells a new home.

Any new product or software update is possibly intriguing for two reasons. First, it’s whatever the new gadget or gizmo is. Secondly, it’s the “what’s next?” line of thinking that it might inspire.

Arccos’ mantra is, “Take your game from guessing to knowing.” Over the last year, it’s clear that Arccos wants to align with as many major manufacturers as possible. COBRA, PING and TaylorMade are already on board.

This on-course performance data from real golfers is exceptionally beneficial for manufacturers’ product design teams. It’s also easy to envision a scenario where the Arccos Caddie app informs you that, “You miss 38 percent of your tee shots to the right of the fairway. As a result, your Strokes Gained off the tee is suffering. Maybe it’s time to try a draw-biased driver, Chris.”

Or “70 percent of your putts do not reach the hole. Have you thought about signing up a for PING putter fitting, Chris?”

That sort of thing.

What do you think Arccos should add next? Tell us.

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