One of the under the radar announcements coming out of the PGA Show was the addition of Arccos Link to the larger Arccos ecosystem. As the name roughly suggests, Link serves as an intermediary device that eliminates the need for non-Apple-watch-wearing Arccos users to keep their phone in their pockets during play.

Now, I’ve said more than a few times before that keeping your phone in your pocket isn’t a big deal, in fact, it isn’t any kind of deal. When Arccos surveyed its user base, the feedback was much the same. Keeping your phone in your pocket is one of those things that is only a problem until you’ve tried it. That said, the requirement and the perception that comes with it is in and of itself is a barrier which Arccos Link easily eliminates.

Arccos Link can be clipped to your belt, pants, or pockets. It has its own onboard GPS and gives you the option of transferring data to your phone either during or after your rounds. My recommendation would be to transfer in real-time. Arccos is really good, but it’s sometimes imperfect when it comes to identifying the difference between the green and fringe, or the fairway and the first cut with absolute precision. For the best analytics coming out the other end, some supervision is required.

Arccos Link offers 10 hours of battery life. It can be charged with any micro USB charger.

Arccos hasn’t pinned down an absolute delivery date yet. For now, it’s saying Q2. Retail price will be $79.99, so it does cost a bit extra to get that phone out of your pocket. Pre-order and you can save $20 ($59.99), which is nice.

Also worth a quick mention is that Arccos is expanding its footprint in the OEM club space. In addition to Cobra which has offered Arccos for the last few seasons, PING will begin offering an Arccos option with its clubs this spring. Full details and pricing still to come.

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