For many years there has been a specific naming trend in the premium golf ball space. That is you have your standard “tour” ball and then toss an “X” on the end to denote the higher-compression/higher-spin offering. Bridgestone breaks this mold, however, with having an “X” in every entry of their premium Tour B line. While it’s great to be original, this might make it tricky for consumers to know the best ball for them. Let’s take a look at the Bridgestone Tour B lineup and who each might be the best Bridgestone golf ball for.

Bridgestone TOUR B X

The best Bridgestone golf ball for: high swing speed players who prefer a higher-compression feel.

The TOUR B X is Bridgestone’s highest compression tour ball offering. Bryson DeChambeau had input on the current design and plays it on the tour, telling that it should maximize performance for high swing speeds. The ball is on the firm side with 98 compression, on par with other premium “X” ball offerings. In MyGolfSpy ball testing, the TOUR B X achieved top 5 results in driver ball speeds and stayed middle of the road for spin, providing balanced performance.


Bridgestone TOUR B XS

The best Bridgestone golf ball for: high swing speed players who prefer a softer-feel (or big Tiger fans).

If you want an easy way to distinguish the TOUR B X and the TOUR B XS, you could just say the “S” stands for “softer”. While this isn’t anything stated by Bridgestone, it is true for compression numbers. The TOUR B XS comes in at an 85 compression rating. Based on that, the XS should have moderately lower spin and middle of the road feel softness-wise. It tested out as an overall strong performer for higher swing speeds. Additionally, Bridgestone also produces a “TW” version of the ball. The construction is exactly the same, but this ball will have “TIGER” stamped on the side along with different box graphics. If you want to play “Tiger’s ball” then it’s probably the best Bridgestone golf ball for you.


Bridgestone TOUR B RX

The best Bridgestone golf ball for: moderate speed players who like a soft, but not too soft, feel.

Speaking broadly, the average golfer would be better served by modeling equipment decisions on LPGA players rather than PGA. The swing speeds and distances are likely to be much more comparable. To that end, the fact that the TOUR B RX is the ball-of-choice for Lexi Thompson should say something. At a softer compression level, the RX should help moderate swing speeds gain some distance through spin reduction. There are real benefits to be gained from playing a ball designed with your swing speeds in mind, so the TOUR B RX is likely a ball more golfers should be willing to try.


Bridgestone TOUR B RXS

The best Bridgestone golf ball for: moderate speed players who want the softest premium Bridgestone ball they can get.

Subjectively, most golfers will say that a softer ball “feels better” that one with a higher compression number. Particularly on mishits. That said, there are drawbacks to playing the softest balls on the market. Most of these feature some type of ionomer cover to maintain that soft feel. If you want the softest “tour level” Bridgestone golf ball you can buy, then the TOUR B RXS is the ball for you. While the RX is already softer than the average premium ball, the RXS lowers the compression down even further and is among the softest you can find with a urethane cover to help you keep a bit of greenside spin.


Frequently asked questions about golf balls:

Q. What type of golf ball should I use?

A. Finding the right ball is a process so start with a few you think might work. If you’ve got a launch monitor, use it to trim the list. If you don’t have access to a launch monitor, our data should help you narrow the field. Test on the course and side by side. For the best comparison, don’t test more than two balls at a time.

The conventional wisdom is to start around the green and work backward. The idea here is to see how the ball performs on relatively short shots (partial wedges). From there, move to your irons. That’s where the biggest differences are and where you’re most likely to notice them.

Q. What is the best Birdgestone golf ball for distance?

A. The Bridgestone Tour B RX tested as our longest golf ball of 2022. Average distance with our robot driver at 115 mph swing speed was 327.13 yards.

Q. When do golf balls go on sale?

A. As a general rule when a new golf model is released keep an eye out for a price drop for the previous model. Also, brands typically pick a time in the year to run a promo of buy 2 get 1 free, so keep an eye out for that.

Q. Should I always play one ball (model) per round?

A. Our recommendation is to play 100 percent of your shots with the same ball (model). Given the variation between models, it only makes sense to minimize every variable you possibly can.

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