• Bettinardi evokes 1990s’ nostalgia with their new Forever 90’s limited-run Studio Stock 9 putter.
  • This SS9 features unique aesthetics and design elements.
  • Only 325 of this uniquely crafted Studio Stock 18 will be available Aug. 5.

Just when we thought we had recovered from seeing Fred Durst’s nookie at Lalapalooza, Bettinardi’s Forever 90’s SS9 drags us back again to the end of the 20th Century. Oh, snap!

This Bettinardi putter will make you want to pull those JNCO jeans out of the drawer, put your hair up in a scrunchie and dip deep into your chain wallet.

The Forever 90’s limited-edition theme is set 10 years after last summer’s Totally 80’s putter. Like its predecessor, the Bettinardi Forever 90’s putter brings you back to days gone by, evoking memories of, if not simpler, then definitely more colorful times. If ’90s’ nostalgia is your thing, you’ll have no problem showing Bettinardi the money for this putter.


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Hit Me Betti One More Time

Robert Bettinardi is stoked to unveil his third Limited Run of 2021, the Studio Stock 9 “Forever 90’s” putter. Limited to 325 pieces worldwide, Robert precision-milled the SS9 head shape to 353 grams from the finest 303 Stainless Steel, re-mixing a hit by giving the putter a full Flymill face insert with a far-out rainbow PVD finish, to bring alive the retro 90’s style with every roll. Completed in a fresh Tour Blast finish, RJB intricately engraved abstract shapes and milled horizontal lines across the sole, adding a neon paint scheme that is simply da bomb. Paired with a hot pink stitched, black perforated leather Gripmaster grip, and a matching 90’s or nothing premium Made in USA headcover, the SS9 Forever 90’s Limited Run putter is all that and a bag of chips.

Specs: Bettinardi Limited Run Forever 90’s SS9

  • Model: Studio Stock 9
  • Material: 303 stainless steel
  • Finish: Tour Blast
  • Face Milling: Rainbow PVD Flymill face insert
  • Weight: 353 grams
  • Neck: Short plumber’s
  • Units Produced: 325 worldwide
  • Price: $900
  • Release Date: Aug. 5

I’m Your Betti Tonight

Bell Saving ’90s’ Aesthetics

Creating a putter that evokes the nostalgia vibe of the ’90s’ is no small task. That decade was all over the place. It would be impossible to fit all of the fancies of the 1990s. Some folks back then were still too legit to quit, others having near aneurysms covered in grungy flannel and some of you and your prodigy were off starting fires. It really is a tough decade to pigeonhole.

Kelly Kapowski and A. C. Slater are bagging the Bettinardi Forever 90’s for sure. The bright colors and random geometric shapes are John F. Kennedy Junior High School approved. As bright as it is, I actually find the Bettinardi Forever 90’s putter a bit subdued compared to last year’s 80’s putter.

Perhaps this is the subtext for the putter, representing how the 1990s moved away from the Dayglo excess of the previous decade. Granted, I could be reading too much into it. Blame it on the Rémy Martin and my soda pop.

Regardless, I think we can all agree that Forever 90’s putter is much prettier than that guy in the kimono who kept telling you to put the lotion on your skin.

Betti When The Lights Go Out

As with any limited-edition putter, the putter needs to differ from the off-the-rack offerings. I know I want it that way. This SS9 does deliver some elements that should spice up your life. The most obvious unique feature of the Bettinardi Forever 90’s SS9 is the insert. It’s not plastic. It’s fantastic. OK, so it’s kind of plastic as it has a rainbow PVD coating over the underlying metal.

One of my favorite things that Bettinardi did with this putter was PVD coat the screws that secure the insert. Those screws add pops of color and interest to the otherwise surprisingly unadorned cavity. Maybe they couldn’t squeeze a hex B between the screws.

The neck on this SS9 is also unique. In addition to featuring the engraved thematic dots, this plumber’s neck is quite short. This gives the putter a little more toe hang (4:00-4:30) than a traditional plumbers neck. I think that the short neck gives the putter a great look at address as well. If you disagree, you’re a melodramatic fool. No doubt about it.

If You Want to Be With Me, Betti, There’s a Price to Pay

Are you looking at the Forever 90’s putter and saying, “Give it to me, baby (uh huh uh huh)?” If you love er’ in your heart down to your belly-a, then you need to be in The Hive tomorrow promptly at 11 a.m. EST when these release. Near, far, wherever you are, set your alarm. Rise an hour early just like Daylight Savings Time. If you think the putter is too expensive, don’t speak. I know just what you’re saying. Animosity made you speak what you spoke. Take a chill pill.

This putter won’t make you take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain but it may be that final track you need to complete your millennial mix-tape. Tell Bettinardi what you want, what you really, really want. I know that I want this decade-themed line from Bettinardi to keep going. Will it ever stop? Yo, I don’t know.

Stop bugging out and find out more at Bettinardi.com.