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I know some golfers love listening to music on the golf course. Others hate it.

Would I buy this Bluetooth speaker/golf gps? Yes. And it’s not because it plays music. Confused?

Yes, the Bushnell Wingman speaker does what it says on the package regarding playing music and at a good quality, I might add. But it’s the features where you see its true worth. Within the Bushnell Wingman app (which comes included), you can customize any phrase you want and the speaker will play it out loud.

That’s right. Whether you want to give some praise to your mate or for the speaker to say, “You suck at golf”, the Wingman can do it all. I know what phrase I will be recording 😉


  • Feature-rich speaker
  • Magnetic golf cart mount
  • Audible GPS distances
  • Great sound quality
  • Personalized voice commands
  • Bushnell golf app


  • Battery life could be better

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Customizable Audio Feature

The Bushnell Wingman has a feature that allows you to customize phrases allowing you to unleash them at the perfect time. Preferably after your buddy hit a bad shot 😉


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We all love music so why not listen to it on the golf course? The Bushnell Wingman can help you do just that but with a twist. It scored a 91.5 in testing earlier this year against the best portable speakers on the market. It comes with an app that is pre-loaded with 36,000-plus courses worldwide while also reading yardages to the front, middle and back via the detachable remote.

That’s right: With a press of a button, the speaker will provide yardages wherever you are on the course. Cool.

Where the Bushnell Wingman excels is in the features section. You can customize personal messages like “Get in the hole!” or “You suck, Jeff!” If it were me, I would be pressing that customizable button non-stop, especially when having a cheeky side bet with my mates. Throw in a magnetic BITE that attaches to the cart bar and you have yourself a sweet little party speaker.


For all you fellow nerds, here is some technical jargon. The Bushnell Wingman has a USB-charging cable eliminating the need for non-reusable batteries. The battery of the Wingman lasts 10-hours which is around 36 holes. The Wingman GPS Speaker weighs 1.5 pounds which doesn’t seem like much, but for a golf speaker, it was one of the heaviest ones tested. Lastly, the Bushnell Wingman isn’t fully waterproof. However, I have a solution. Don’t play golf in the rain…Sorted 😂


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The Bushnell Wingman held its own for the most part against the competition but for those wireless speakers connoisseurs, it might not be up to scratch. When comparing it to Ultimate Ears and Bose, their full 360 omnidirectional sound allows the sound clarity to flourish. Those who aren’t bothered by every syllable not being pronounced or not having the best bass will enjoy the Wingman’s sound.

The Bushnell Wingman also excels when projecting music onto other fairways. The Wingman is loud enough for everyone in the group to hear which keeps those “get off my lawn” golfers real happy.

Bushnell Wingman


As mentioned, the Bushnell Wingman has a couple of sweet features. One is the personalized audio to give your buddy encouragement or talk trash. Mine would be the latter. You can also attach your Wingman to the cart via the strong BITE magnet. Trust me, that magnet won’t go anywhere once it is attached.

The other great feature is the Bushnell Wingman app. You can see a fly-over of your hole, track your stats or get the yardages for every shot. Whatever your preference, the Bushnell Wingman has you covered.

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Although it isn’t the most durable speaker on the market, we did find it to be durable enough. The strong plastic surrounding the speaker will take a beating year after year. Yes, it has a few areas that could get damaged easier but every Bluetooth golf speaker has the same problem.


After taking an extensive look at the Bushnell Wingman GPS speaker, I would recommend getting your hands on one. These are one of the most searched speakers/GPS online for golfers.

When combining a good-sounding speaker with all the features that come with it, the Wingman has top-tier value in my opinion. The only downside to the Wingman GPS Speaker is that it’s only designed for a cart. If you to lug your bag around 18 holes, the portable bluetooth speaker might not be the one for you.

SCORE: 91.5 out of 100

Bushnell Wingman Speaker

Bushnell Wingman Speaker

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