• New COBRA KING 3D Putter line features high-MOI designs facilitated by new nylon 3D-printing technologies.
  • New COBRA KING Vintage putters are COBRA’s interpretations of classic putter head shapes.
  • All putters will be available for pre-order today and will ship June 4.

COBRA is launching not one but two new putter lines. If memory serves, other than its less-than-well-known box set offerings, this is the first time we’ve seen COBRA putters since Bobby Grace’s name was on them. It’s been a minute.

So what took so long?

COBRA has long maintained that it wasn’t going to make a putter just to say it did. The timing had to be right and given COBRA’s culture of innovation, category-advancing technology had to be part of the equation as well.

The proper timing comes courtesy of the COVID boom where, in 2020 alone, an estimated 998,000 putters were sold to the tune of $200 milllion in the U.S.A. alone. Globally, golf has exploded. There’s never been a more receptive market.

The category-advancing technology comes by way of 3D printing and a Sik face insert. With last year’s limited release of the Supersport 3D-printed putter, COBRA gave us a peek at what they were working on. With the Supersport 3D, the entire putter was 3D printed. The retail KING 3D putter series is taking a different approach.

COBRA KING 3D-Printed Putter Series

This putter line is the next evolution of COBRA’s previous 3D-printed putter. The new COBRA KING 3D Printed Putter Series features the same base technologies of the SuperSport-35. However, the COBRA engineers have expanded their design repertoire into other media.

The new putters are not made using HP Metal Jet printing. Instead, the new COBRA KING 3D Printed Putter Series uses a new multi-jet fusion printed nylon design process. This nylon insert is then paired with forged aluminum crowns and tungsten weights.

Why shift to 3D-printed nylon? Ultimately, it is a story of weight position and MOI.


The 3D-printed nylon is about 50-percent lighter than the previously used 3D-printed aluminum. With both materials, COBRA was able to construct intricate internal lattice structures that are not possible with traditional manufacturing techniques. Switching to printed nylon drops the weight of the central component of the putter by half compared to metal. This allows COBRA to boost the MOI (the standard forgiveness metric) of the putter by increasing the perimeter weighting with tungsten. The nylon core paired with heavy metal edges is what enables the MOI boost.

Sik Faces

These new putters also mark a continuation of COBRA’s partnership with Sik putters. All models will feature Sik’s patented Descending Loft Technology face design. These aluminum faces start at four degrees of loft at the top of the face and then step three times by a degree to finish at one degree at the bottom. The premise is to create a consistent launch condition of around 1.5 degrees. That’s enough to lift the ball out of its depression and get it rolling but not so much as to get it airborne and introduce bouncing and skidding into the equation.

Ultimately, the purpose of Sik face is to create a consistent result regardless of how the putter is delivered from one stroke to the next.


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COBRA KING 3D Printed Putter Series Models

This new 3D-printed line of COBRA putters features three new head shapes but arguably the available options double the consumer choices to six. Each of the models comes in a stock configuration at 34 or 35 inches with other lengths available as custom options. Additionally, the GrandSport-35 and Agera models are available in armlock configurations.

Finally, the Agera, which likely qualifies as the signature shape of the collection, also comes in a 37.5-inch ONE Length build. This model is intended for golfers playing ONE Length COBRA irons or who just have an upright posture at address.

KING GrandSport-35

The KING GrandSport-35 ($349) is the “traditional” blade in the KING 3D COBRA putter line. It features a Triple-Plane sole, moderate (35-degree) toe hang and a plumber’s neck. The 3D-printed internal nylon core allows most of the weight to be at the perimeter. This give the GrandSport-35 a MOI value that is closer to a mallet than a traditional blade.

The GrandSport-35 will also be available in a 41-inch armlock version.

KING SuperNova

The KING SuperNova ($349) is a fang-based design. The 3D-printed construction COBRA putter results in a MOI of 5,700. This places the SuperNova at the high end of the MOI scale for similarly shaped mallets. If all of this talk of MOI is confusing, take a detour here to read about why MOI matters in a putter.

KING Agera

The KING Agera ($349) rolls in with a ridiculously high MOI score of 7,600. Once again, you can pin this on the 3D-printed core and overall multi-material design. The nylon centerpiece is so much lighter than the forged aluminum crown and tungsten weights. This design really repositions the weight to the edges, driving MOI and forgiveness to the top of the scale.

The KING Agera will also be one of the new COBRA putters that will be available in their ONE Length build. This 37.5-inch putter is designed to match the ONE Length iron design, promoting a more upright putting stance. An armlock version will also be available.

King Vintage Series

The second line of putters released next month will be the COBRA King Vintage Series. This line features COBRA’s spin on classic putter designs. With the King Vintage Series, COBRA is not trying to push the design envelope. Instead, they are giving golfers putters they recognize and trust. The nostalgia hook even plays into the name as all of these putters are named after classic cars.

These are not completely devoid of modern technologies, though. Each features adjustable weighting and the Sik Descending Loft Technology aluminum face design. Grips will also feature COBRA Connect sensors that can be paired with the Arccos Caddy app.

Though there are not any armlock or ONE Length versions, three of the models will come in slant neck versions. These putters should fit those who are enjoying the “mallets that play like blades” current design trend.

KING Vintage Sport-45

The KING Vintage Sport-45 ($249) is immediately recognizable. This COBRA putter is a classic heel/toe-weighted blade constructed with Anser stylings. COBRA has customized this traditional blade with adjustable weights and also the aluminum Sik Descending Loft Technology face.

KING Vintage Sport-60

The KING Vintage Sport-60 ($249) tweaks the neck of the design. If you have a strong putting arc, this is the COBRA putter for you. The flow neck should fit your path nicely.

KING Vintage Torino

The KING Vintage Torino ($249) has a classic compact mallet shape. It’s funny to think that in the time before the massive high MOI mallets, this was the mallet shape. Once again, COBRA spins the classic design on this putter. The three sight lines, two of them elevated, should help golfers align the putter and, hopefully, the ball to the target line.

KING Vintage Nova

The KING Vintage Nova ($249) is the fang-shaped mallet in the line. While it lacks the multi-material construction to truly maximize MOI, this design still produces a great deal of forgiveness. The lighter 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum face positions the discretionary weight toward the edges.

KING Vintage Nova-40

If you need a mallet that plays more like a blade,  the KING Vintage Nova-40 ($249) is the putter for you. That little slant-neck hosel will give you just enough toe hang to move the Nova-40 into the slight arc category.

KING Vintage Stingray

If you are going to hit all of the classic shapes, you definitely need a Spider. The oversized KING Vintage Stingray ($249) mallet putter used plastic, carbon-fiber and stainless steel to boost the MOI. With the single sight line that extends to the face and the wide central body, this putter will look very familiar at address.

KING Vintage Stingray-40

Rounding out the new COBRA putters is the KING Vintage Stingray-40 ($249). Like with the Nova-40, this putter features a short slant neck that produces some toe hang and should better suit arcing strokes.

High Tech or Vintage—Cobra Has You Covered

Do you love the latest tech or wax nostalgic? Either way, COBRA has a new putter for you. COBRA has unapologetically built their KING Vintage series on classic putter designs. The KING 3D line is truly innovative and possibly revolutionary. Understandably, one could have dismissed the COBRA SuperSport-35 as a limited-run experiment. However, the KING 3D line makes a bold statement about COBRA’s commitment to 3D-printed designs.

Do any of these putters grab your interest? Do you feel these releases give COBRA a legitimate shot at carving out some space in the putter market? Does COBRA’s 3D-printed manufacturing style have a chance to become an industry standard for putter making? I am very curious to hear your takes on these new designs.

Pre-order available now. Find out more at www.cobragolf.com.

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