It’s almost crazy to think there was a time in MyGolfSpy’s history when Cobra didn’t sell wedges. The 2012 Trusty Rusty reboot changed all that.

Eight years later, you could argue that, with Cobra KING MIM and now Cobra KING MIM Black, the company is at the forefront of innovation in irons and wedges.

Sure, the lineup is not nearly as robust as some others. Cobra’s comparably small size mandates that it picks its spots.

While it has no aspirations of being the market leader or offering more options than anyone else, Cobra has continually positioned itself on the leading edge of innovation – often exploring next-generation technologies.

Such is the case with its MIM wedges.

Your MIM refresher

If you’re unfamiliar with MIM, the first thing you need to know is that it stands for Metal Injection Molding. The process involves mixing metal powder (in this case, 304 stainless) with a polymer binding agent, heating into a paste and pumping the result into an injection-molding machine to create the desired shape.

Once the dust settles, the heads go in a furnace to remove the polymer binder. The heads are then heated to 1,340 degrees Celsius, where everything is welded together before the secondary milling process sharpens things up.

According to Cobra, the MIM process creates a smoother grain flow which reduces voids in the material and ultimately creates a feel that’s softer than forging.

The final step in the process is robotic polishing. As we’ve covered before, the equipment industry likes to use polishing as a euphemism for grinding. By letting properly programmed robots do the delicate work, Cobra can reduce variances in weight and thickness while producing more consistent grinds.

Golf clubs are a bit like golf balls in that nearly anybody can make a single part that performs to a given performance spec. It’s the quality and consistency – the ability to replicate the exact specification  – that separates the leaders from the also-rans.

Ultimately, the MIM process is about creating a more consistent product.

Cobra KING MIM Black Wedge

As is typical with line-extension releases, the Cobra King MIM Black wedge is the same as the current MIM wedge (released last year) except it’s black. Apart from the reasonably durable QPQ finish, the only notable change is that Cobra has expanded the MIM lineup into the high- and low-bounce space.

Previous MIM wedges were available in versatile grind (mid-bounce) only.


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Three Grinds

The Cobra KING MIM Black Wedge is offered in three grinds.

Versatile Grind (50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 degrees)– The mid-bounce offering in the Cobra wedge lineup, as its name suggests, is designed to work in a variety of conditions. Heel and toe relief allows you to manipulate the face around the green while Cobra’s signature notch helps keep the leading edge closer to the ground.

WideLow Grind (56, 58 and 60 degrees) – Also true to its name, the WideLow is a wide-sole, low-bounce offering that’s a bit like the Wedge Works K Grind. It’s ideal for shallow swingers or dry conditions and it works well out of soft bunkers and moderate rough.

Classic Grind (52, 56 and 60 degrees) – Cobra’s high-bounce option, the Classic Grind offers a medium-width sole with trailing-edge relief. It’s the digger wedge in the Cobra family.

The Cobra KING MIM Black wedge is the company’s first MIM’d offering to be available in ONE Length. It should go without saying that they’re ideally suited to golfers playing ONE Length irons. Given the niche nature of the offering, availability is limited to 56- and 60-degree offerings in Versatile Grind only. Now you know how lefties feel.

Arccos Standard

Cobra continues its partnership with Arccos. MIM wedges come standard with Arccos Sensor-enabled Lamkin Crossline Connect grips.

Cobra KING MIM Wedges – Pricing and Availability

Cobra KING MIM Black wedges are available beginning June 12. The retail price is $149. The stock shaft is a KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 (125 gram) Black shaft. All loft/grind combinations are available for right-handed golfers. Like the ONE -Lengthers, lefties are limited to 56 and 60 degrees in the Versatile Grind.

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