Remember Me?

Remember me…the Cobra Trusty Rusty wedge?  I know it’s been a while…over 20 years actually.  But back then and still to this day I have somewhat of a cult like following.  Golfers still try to find me on eBay or thrift shops around the country.  Back in the day I was one of the more popular wedges on tour and at your local country clubs. Well since we rust (we do that on purpose) our numbers in the wild have dwindled and we were close to becoming extinct.  But there’s good news!

I’m Backkkk!

Very soon I will be removed from the “endangered golf clubs list” and brought back in to production.  MyGolfSpy has confirmed this with multiple sources within my company and I am stoked to have the opportunity to be back in many of your bags.  Now the finish and overall look of me might change a little from what you see below (I’m a little dirty)…I actually think I might be available in three different finishes…but the important part is that I’m back and ready for the fairways and bunkers.

Look forward to hearing from some of my old friends!

Yours Truly,

Cobra Trusty Rusty Wedge 2012