It's Aliveeee!

Well maybe not for long...we will have to wait and see.  But for the meantime Nickent Golf has been resurrected from the graveyard of the "Once Well Known Golf Brands".  Dick's Sporting Goods has purchased the brand and will be bringing out a new line-up of Nickent clubs which will be arriving in Dick's and Golf Galaxy stores across the country around Memorial Day.

The Dick's/Nickent deal actually happened a few months ago but resurfaced yesterday a little more officially.  And from what we know the entire previous Nickent operation and staff will be completely overhauled.  The majority of the ex-employees I know have not been contacted in any way about being brought back on to help re-establish the brand with Dick's.  Some of the ex-employees have moved on to other golf companies like Williams Golf and Vibrant Golf.  And ex-Nickent President John Hoeflich will also not be a part of the re-launched brand from what we know.

So Who Will Be Designing Nickent Clubs Now?

Well when Dick's bought another brand Walter Hagen (remember them) they initially looked to Tad Moore the famous putter designer to do many of their designs after that purchase.  Although they have since began using other sources.  And from what we know it seems as though the likely designers for the new Nickent gear will be the inside sources they already use from one of their other brands GolfWorks.

So What Will Become Of Nickent Now?

Up to this point big box stores like Dick's are very reluctant to spend money on any of the "Once Well Known Golf Brands" they acquire.  This means that the tour presence Nickent once had will most likely be a thing of the past.  Big chains that acquire golf companies like this are more concerned with the high margins a house brand can bring to the table and less concerned about the overall image of the brand.  Although history has seem to show that these margins are usually short lived because of the lack of a tour presence and zippo when it comes to the "Pyramid of Influence" throughout the rest of the retail distribution channel.


Too often what leads to a products success is how much money they have behind them to market the product and how many players on tour are playing the product when the TV’s are on for the weekend.  What the industry calls the “Pyramid of Influence” is a very powerful thing.  A products validation starts with what the Pros are playing….and flows a little something like this:

  • PGA Tour Players
  • Other Tours
  • Collegiate Players
  • PGA Professionals
  • Retailer
  • Customer

So...What Is Your Opinion About The Purchase?

What do you think will ultimately happen to the Nickent brand?  Will it be more of the same with the bog box golf acquisitions?  Will the Nickent name be forever forgotten?  Do you think they will ever produce another club sought after by the avid golfer.  Or will Dick's buck the trend and actually keep the name alive by offering a top-tier Nickent line of clubs?