“99.992% Of Golfers Have Used A Golf Tee As A Divot Repair Tool”

Simple Yet A Hell Of An Idea!

A few weeks ago we ran across a simple yet amazing new product. It was a golf tee that we wish we would have invented. Although we are glad Mike from TheDivotTee did! Because it has been 86 years since a golf tee invention will have made as much impact as this one has the potential to make. I can honestly see these becoming the staple for every golf tee company across the country and even the world. That’s because it is simple, useful, biodegradable and every golf course super would push for them as well.

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Millions of Golfers Forget To Bring One

The guys at MyGolfSpy and millions of other golfers are tired of having to carry a tee and a divot repair tool in their pocket to every hole. Golfers have enough things to carry with them to the green…just look at all the gadgets in your bag the next time you play. That is why so many of us leave our cell phones, wallets and other devices in the cart sometimes after we leave the course. There just isn’t enough room for all the other stuff. You almost have to sport cargo pants to the course nowadays.

divot tee
pictures by: hookedongolfblog.com

Kill 2 Tools With 1 Tee

What does almost every golfer use to replace his divot if he forgot his divot repair tool?…BINGO…A golf tee! Tell me again why one of us didn’t think of this? Like we said though…we are glad the man behind TheDivotTee did…because that means one less tool we have to carry around with us next time we go play. Yes…that means you can get rid of those fancy Scotty Cameron divot tools you own that stab you in the leg or punch a hole in your pant pockets.

pictures by: hookedongolfblog.com

The Divot Tee

After 3 years and 19 prototypes later Mike McCarthy finally realized his dream would actually become a reality. TheDivotTee is now in its 20th and last prototype stage before it hits stores across the country I am sure. This tee is proof that there are still a lot of good ideas that have not been invented yet.

Coming Soon to a Store Near You…In the Meantime Go Check Out TheDivotTee!