Training aids are funny things.

For every one that’s actually useful, there are 20 or 30…or 300 that are, to be kind, ineffective.

Seriously, there’s a lot of junk out there.

But what if I told you there’s a training aid used by over 240 PGA and European Tour professionals? And that those professionals claimed 34 victories since it launched in January 2015?

And how about this: the list includes 27 Majors winners, and 5 of the current top 10 players in the world.

One of whom is Jason Freaking Day.

Oh and these guys use it too.


Oh ya and remember we mentioned those world top 10? Rose, Stenson, Furyk, Johnson and we’ll just throw in world number 11 Branden Grace for the hell of it.


What is this device, and where do I learn more about its wonders?

It’s the DST Compressor, and if you want to learn more about it, you have to go back in time almost 9 months. That’s because you read about it first right here on MyGolfSpy, last May. We were singing this thing’s praises when most people still thought it was little more than a wedge some guy wrapped around a tree.

The DST Compressor is finally getting its due. It was one of the hits of the 2016 PGA show. Everywhere you looked you’d see people walking around with funny looking bent wedges and 8-irons. No longer an oddity; it’s now a must-have tool for the serious seeker of better.

Word has been getting out over the past 9 months. MyGolfSpy’s own Tony Covey says it’s making the big boys sit up and pay attention.

“At TaylorMade’s M2 Launch Event ahead of the PGA Show, I overheard a couple of the R&D guys, better players, talking about the DST and what it was doing for their games. They mentioned that a shitload of Tour guys were actually using it, so I got curious.”

DST tells us their bent little stick is starting to explode. Dig these stats:

  • Used by more than 420 Touring Pros globally
  • Only training club ever approved by the PGA of Europe
  • Used by 61% of the field at the FedEx Tour Championship
  • Used by more than half the competitors at the 2015 President’s Cup
  • Used by more than 65 of the Top 100 Swing Coaches in the US
  • The #1 training club on 6 Professional tours

PGA tour journeyman Fabian Gomez has been very vocal on social media about his success since he began training with the DST Compressor in May. The four weeks following the adoption of the DST Compressor were a stark contrast in performance compared the his previous ten years on tour. In just eight months, he’s already won twice at the FedEx St. Jude Classic and the Sony Open, respectively.

Not bad for what most people thought was, until recently, a design accident.

The thing is deceptively simple to use, it gets you into the right position for powerful ball striking, and feedback is instantaneous and obvious. And it works.

CR-10 8 Iron Address Good

And you heard about it here first.

The primary point here isn’t to pat ourselves on the back (although we gotta admit, it does feel nice), but it’s to point out that the entire MyGolfSpy staff works every day to give you the latest info on what works and what doesn’t in golf, with no hidden agenda or bias. The success of the DST compressor says, in this case anyway, that we got this one right.

We wouldn’t tell our friends to buy something that’s crap, and we sincerely consider every reader a friend and we only want you to spend your hard earned cash on something that will legitimately help your game.