Yesterday, I went on the Hank Haney & Michael Breed show to talk Kirkland (vs) Titleist Pro V1.

(This happened really fast.  I got a call that yesterday Haney was discrediting our test on the radio.  I listened and confirmed that was in fact the case and I reached out to try and explain our protocols and he asked to come on the show.  While getting ready for the show I see Michael Breed tweet that he is discussing the ball test on Sirius radio.  His tweet included a phone number, so I called and they put me right through.  So, went from being asked to be on Haney's show to calling in the Breed show.  Slightly crazy mornin.)

They had a few issues with our test protocols. We trust the test protocols we have refined over the past 6 years but understand it's hard for many to believe a $15 ball could outperform the #1 Ball in Golf that cost $50.

So, they claimed:

1. All balls go the same distance
2. Player testing was not as good as robots (not true)
3. And the quality control was poor with Kirkland ball (FYI Breed is a Titleist guy, Haney a Callaway guy, we are a YOU guy)

They tried to find just about anything to discredit the test. Once again understandable. Breed went on to ask if there was any robot data to support our data and if we could publish it.

So, here is a robot test performed by GolfLabs for another ball company Vice Golf

It is a test that shows that not only do balls not go the same distance it shows yet another ball going farther than a Titleist Pro V1. And not a ball many recognize as a leader in golf ball tech either.

As we gather more testing data from independent sources we will continue to publish our findings so the consumer can ultimately make the decision on what is right for them.

Also for those questioning the QC, we remind you this ball is made in the same plant that makes Taylormade balls, Snell balls and others.