First Look: Bag Boy Revolver XP

Key Takeaways

  • Bag Boy reveals new Revolver XP cart bag.
  • New external putter tube for oversized grips.
  • 14-way rotating top with full-length individual dividers.

Can you remember the last time you upgraded your bag?

Bag Boy has always been a solid performer in Most Wanted testing. Whether it’s golf bags, travel covers or winning the push cart category, Bag Boy has held its own. However, Bag Boy is upping its game with the new Revolver XP.

Some may be thinking, “How can they improve on their previous model, the Revolver FX?” Granted, it looks very similar but small improvements make a big difference. Here’s a teaser. Bag Boy put the new Revolver XP on a diet and shed 1.1 pounds. That may not sound like much but we all know how happy we are when we lose weight. The XP is no different.

What’s Different About the Revolver XP?

The main highlight of the Revolver XP is its rotating top. (More about that later.)

The new addition to this bag is its external putter tube. Those with an oversized putter grip can stop struggling to remove their flatstick from the bag because this tube prevents snagging.

In my testing experience, one of the biggest problems with golf bags is storage. Some can fit lots of items such as rain gear, gloves, sweaters … the whole nine yards. But that’s no good if the pockets protrude into the divider shell, causing the clubs to bunch up and snag. The Bay Boy Revolver XP is built around a firm shell that is separate from all the pockets. In other words, the pockets are sewn on separately and attached to the shell to prevent any intrusion of extra items, allowing the clubs move in and out freely.


The Revolver XP, which is available in five colors, has nine zippered pockets, two more than the Revolver FX. The fleece-lined valuables pocket is now heat-sealed and waterproof. Another great feature is Bag Boy’s Top-Lok® Technology, a patented bag-to-cart attachment system that eliminates the need for cart straps. It works and works well.

A Revolutionary Spin on Technology

The revolving top allows the top portion of the bag to rotate 360 degrees, allowing the golfer to simply spin the top to select the correct club.

This feature has always caught my eye during testing. Not just because it rotates but because of how well it’s designed. Take each individual divider for example. Each divider has a full-length lining to prevent club snagging which is a godsend. In addition to the full-length lining, each divider has a “Clip-Lok” to cling onto the shaft for maximum security. That prevents the clubheads from clashing into one another. If that weren’t enough, Bag Boy has engineered “Grip-Lok” for added insurance.

The Revolver XP Packs a Punch

A lot of technology and thought has gone into this bag and it shows. For those who are wondering whether this bag will be included in the 2021 cart bag test, I can assure you it will be. Then we will see how it holds up to our vigorous testing protocols.

For those who cannot wait until then, the Revolver XP is available now. Also check out their Nitron push cart for a possible Christmas gift idea.

Bag Boy Revolver XP

Bag Boy Revolver XP

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