Spurred on by an investment by 8AM Golf (the parent company of True Spec Golf, Golf.com, and others) in 2017, Miura, the Japanese manufacturer of premium forged clubs, this week announced a new collaboration with golf lifestyle company LinkSoul. The Miura + LinkSoul Color Theory Iron set is the company’s latest attempt to increase its appeal and reach in a market now densely populated with competitors in the high-end golf club space. Ultra-premium offerings from companies like PXG, and mainstream OEMs such as Callaway (EPIC Forged Irons/Epic Star) and, Titleist (CNCPT) have all taken market share away from Miura.

If you’re like me, your first “set” of clubs was a hodgepodge, cobbled together from what you could find in the garage, shed, and basement. If you were fortunate, your irons came from an old matched set, handed down to you by a family member. My first irons came from my Dad’s well-used set of Spalding Pro Custom Dave Stockton irons – specifically the five, seven, and nine irons, and sand wedge. When I stumbled upon an Acushnet Bullseye that had fallen out of favor and a funky looking 4-wood that had seen better days, I was good to go.

This setup served me well until I slowly began adding the rest of the irons from my Dad’s old set to my bag. I’m not sure I ever really recovered from the additional options.

There was an intriguing simplicity to having only four irons from which to choose. There were, of course, times when a five iron was too much but a seven too little. I had no choice but to learn to compensate for gaps in distance by varying the length and rhythm of my swing. It was a fun way to learn how to play the game, and better understand what I could, and could not, do.


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That’s the sentiment behind Miura’s new collaboration with LinkSoul. According to Miura Golf CEO Hoyt McGarity, “LinkSoul was an ideal partner in this collaboration since they appreciate the same aspects of the game that we do at Miura — quality, design, and appeal. Our Color Theory Irons are unique in their appearance and playability, and an exciting new approach to the classic blade set that golfers will take an interest in and come to appreciate.”

Of course, nothing is stopping any of us from creating this kind of set with our current clubs. But if you’re a self-confessed, neat-freak/minimalist (like me) who is partial to the less-is-more school of design, you’ll appreciate the clean look of this blade, the back of which is void of any markings. The sole incorporates both the Miura and LinkSoul stamps along with the color (ahem, loft) designation.

With the Color Theory Irons, Miura has added another line that complements its existing catalog, while offering a different take on traditional irons, with guidance from designer and LinkSoul co-founder Geoff Cunningham. “We have long felt that our companies are so much in line,” Cunningham said. “Family-based, with a belief that craftsmanship, care, and attention to detail are what put the soul in everything we produce. Miura was the perfect partner to make this daydream a reality.”

Along with the set’s minimalist appearance is a simple, feel-based progression in loft and design. This collaboration is a reminder of what an iron set could be. In place of the modern 7-club iron set, the Color Theory Irons set is made up of just four clubs: a 25° long iron (red), 32° mid iron (yellow), 40° short iron (turquoise), and 49° wedge (purple), all with KBS $ Taper Black shafts.

Available in limited quantities, the four club Miura + Linksoul Color Theory irons retail for $1,300. Simply pair these with your favorite Sunday bag to be the envy of every bearded, rope hat-wearing hipster golf guy (and his dog) down at the muni.

See you there!