Uncommon Valor

PING has announced the impending arrival of a high MOI version of its Sigma 2 Valor putter. We introduced the original PING Sigma 2 Valor last October, showcasing it’s already hefty 365g head. With the Valor 400, PING has pushed that weight up to, you guessed it, 400 grams.

With the Valor 400, PING took the heavily heel and toe weighted design of the original, and machined in even more mass to push more weight to the perimeter.

12% may not seem like much, but take that out of the nebulous realm of Moment of Inertia and put it into your golf game. Would you like to make 12% more putts? What about your driver going 12% longer? What about 12% off greens fees? That’s a yes, yes, and yes answer for me. Now, of course, a 12% increase in MOI may not translate to a 12% performance gain for you on the course, but that’s still a significant boost.

The Sigma 2 Valor 400 will feature the same PEBAX face found on the other Sigma 2 putters. As a refresher, this is a dual layer insert where the softer front layer helps with short putts, and the denser under layer enhances control from a distance. Think outer and inner materials on a golf ball.

With the success of the Sigma 2 Valor among golfers and on tour with two wins this spring, the addition of a counter-balanced option allows us to address an important segment of golfers who prefer this type of technology.” – John K. Solheim, PING President.

PING is marketing the Sigma 2 Valor toward golfers who may swing a little slower, and who are looking for the enhanced stability that a counter-balanced/high MOI design delivers. PING isn’t specifically painting the Valor 400 as a putter for senior golfers, but that demographic could really benefit from this technology. Sure, lots of golfers of various ages prefer counter-balanced putters, but a putter that matches a slower swing, and delivers a steadier stroke could be precisely the thing that gets our more experienced golfers back to a place of joy on the putting green.

You can find the Sigma 2 Valor 400 in a shop near you today.

Sigma 2 Valor 400 Specifications

  • Dual-durometer PEBAX face insert
  • TR Face Technology
  • Head Weight: 400g
  • Std. Length: 38″
  • Stroke Types: Straight or Slight Arc
  • Shaft: Non-adjustable stepped mid steel with 50g counter-balance weight
  • Lie Angle: 20° ±2°
  • Loft: 3° ±2°
  • Grip: 15″ CB60 Black/Blue
  • U.S. MSRP: $235

For more information, visit PING.com.