• The new Precision Pro ACE Smart Speaker  retails for $149.99.
  • The ACE plays music plus relays yardages at a touch of a button.
  • The Bluetooth speaker offers multiple features.

Music on the golf course seems to divide the golfing population. Nevertheless, more and more companies are designing Bluetooth speakers to fit their products. So welcome the ACE Smart Speaker.

Sure, there are lots of Bluetooth speakers that play high-quality music but the ACE has a couple of tricks up its sleeve. The speaker links with the Precision Pro app and gets you dialed in while listening to your favorite tunes.

Precision Pro ACE Smart Speaker

If you’re a golfer who wants all the bells and whistles, listen up!

Precision Pro says the ACE Smart speaker is “groundbreaking.” That might be reaching just a touch as a version of this speaker has already been accomplished by Bushnell. However, the MYSLOPE technology that ACE has linked to their app is very advanced and pushes the industry forward.

“ACE” stands for “Audio Caddie Experience” which keeps you dialed in on every shot without the need to check your phone. Instead, data is pulled from the Precision Pro Golf app (IOS and Android) via Bluetooth which is adjusted for slope based on your own personal swing data, altitude, wind and weather. The ACE will also display and announce yardages to the front, middle and back of the green which can be customizable over the music, podcasts or any other platforms you might vibe to.

ACE Smart Speaker Features

The Precision Pro speaker has a few more features other than just playing music and dialing in your game with MYSLOPE. The ACE has between 18 to 24 hours of playtime depending on your use of certain features.

Additional features of the ACE include:

  • Water Resistant – Provides clear audio that packs a punch and can handle the toughest of weather conditions.
  • GPS Distances – Slope-adjusted distances to the front, center and back of the green are displayed on the device.
  • Golf Shot Celebrations – Follow up your golfing buddy’s shot, whether it’s good or bad, with common celebrations or shouts that you hear at PGA TOUR events. “BABABOOEY!”
  • Personalized Layup Locations – Golfers can use the Precision Pro Golf app to identify hazards and personal layup locations.
  • Remote Control – A tiny hand-held remote allows players to be up to 50 yards away from the speaker and still control its functions with the click of a button.
  • Magnetic Cart Grip – Easily sticks to the cart, clubs or any other metal object.
  • Find My Precision Pro – Notifies the golfer when their speaker is missing and reminds them to secure it when the round is over.

MYSLOPE Technology

Our writer Dave Wolfe wrote a fantastic article on MYSLOPE and here is the technology in a nutshell.

Not content with just adjusting yardages for slope, the data analysts at Precision Pro have taken environmental measuring to the next level with MYSLOPE™. This proprietary algorithm taps into the endless streams of data provided by our smartphones. Once you load and launch the Precision Pro app, the MYSLOPE™ system will compile environmental data and give you a yardage that factors in the influences of slope, elevation, humidity and wind. MYSLOPE was first introduced in Precision Pro’s R1 Rangefinder. With the ACE speaker, you won’t even need to have your phone or rangefinder out as all the numbers are delivered to you verbally through the speaker.

Once you enter your personal swing data into the app, it will also suggest a club for you to hit. Granted, other golf apps also have similar functionality but the data you can enter into the Precision Pro app is unusually extensive. The app does feature a simple data entry mode but it really shines in its detailed data mode. In this mode, you can enter your launch angles, ball speeds, spin rates and so on, providing the digital caddie with even more data to integrate into its club recommendation.

Obviously, you will need to know these data points and take the time to enter them into the app. Once you do, though, you have a tool for truly personalized yardages.

When Can I Get One?

The Precision Pro ACE is available NOW.

Whether you like to listen to music on the course or not, the ACE Smart Speaker is on the market. It has those features that could help you get more dialed in at a touch of a button. Plus, you can have some banter with your buddies when they chunk one in the water. Just a little comment to remind them why they might not make it as a professional.

For more information, check out the ACE Smart Speaker at precisionprogolf.com.

Precision Pro ACE Smart Speaker

Precision Pro ACE Smart Speaker


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