Did you know that for about the cost of a brand-new driver you can play 30,000 courses around the world, track swing data and improve your next practice session?

Introducing the all-new Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor 2 PRO. The successor to the original mobile launch monitor, Rapsodo has enhanced its entry-level personal launch monitor (and added some neat software features).

The MLM2PRO promises generation-to-generation improvement over its original design. Are you ready for the big reveal?

Rapsodo MLM2PRO Release Info

  • The Rapsodo MLM2PRO made its debut at the 2023 PGA Show in Orlando.
  • Preorders for the device start Feb. 1 with widespread availability beginning March 31.
  • Received a MyGolfSpy “Best of Show” Award at the 2023 PGA Show.
  • Retail is $699.99 and includes the device plus a one-year premium subscription for additional benefits.

Shiny New Features

While a solid all-around performer, the original mobile golf launch monitor wasn’t without its flaws. With the addition of the MLM2PRO, Rapsodo took a few of its shortcomings into account and iteratively improved upon them.

Notice something new? The new MLM2PRO has its own built-in dedicated cameras to assist the radar in tracking elements of ball flight and to capture your swing. In case you can’t put it together, this means you’ll no longer have to rely on your phone’s camera to capture data.


The original MLM relied on the iOS device camera to capture your swing and hadn’t yet been optimized to work with Android devices. With the addition of built-in camera modules, the MLM2PRO now is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. The dual-camera setup allows for one module to record swing video of every shot while the second high-speed camera captures a series of photographs at impact to help the golfer visualize their strike.

The MLM2PRO may also be paired with a phone or tablet to capture down-the-line or face-on swing videos.

What About the Data?

Cosmetic changes hardly count for anything if the device can’t perform its primary function. Golfers will be happy to learn that the new MLM2PRO has the ability to measure spin (something the original device could not do). Of course, spin isn’t the only metric it will measure. You’ll still have all of your favorites: distance, ball speed, smash factor, club gapping and shot dispersion.

But the addition of spin isn’t the only win. The MLM2PRO also introduces full golf simulation features to enhance your practice. Between the Rapsodo Range and 30,000 virtual courses, golfers can enjoy a more immersive golf experience from the comfort of their own homes or backyard. Courses are available to play through the MLM2PRO premium membership. The first year is free.

One Ball to Rule Them All

Rapsodo’s new MLM2PRO provides more advanced data than the previous generation. A big part of this new data collection is made possible through a partnership with Callaway Golf.

“The Callaway RPT Chrome Soft X golf balls leverage the world-class performance of the Chrome Soft X golf ball with our optical technology so the MLM2PRO can track the launch conditions of the ball,” according to Jason Finley, Callaway Golf’s Global Director of Brand and Product Management.

Equipped with the new Callaway RPT Chrome Soft X golf ball, golfers can collect new data points like descent angle, spin rate and spin axis. These added data points will also improve the ability to determine carry distance and path.

Available Now

The Rapsodo Mobile Golf Launch Monitor 2 PRO is available for pre-order starting today. For $699.99, you’ll receive the device, a sleeve of three Callaway RPT Chrome Soft X golf balls and a one-year premium subscription to access additional benefits.


If you don’t want to wait for the general release, Rapsodo’s original MLM just dropped to its lowest price ever. The device has consistently been one of the best performers, especially in the under-$500 category.

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