Last week’s PGA Show had little to offer in the way of fresh and compelling new ideas. That said, one could argue if any OEM produced a discernable vibe layered with newfound optimism and dare I suggest, excitement, it was Tour Edge.

It’s not often an OEM focuses marketing efforts on a second-tier product, but that’s exactly the approach Tour Edge is taking for 2018 with its Hot Launch 3 line of equipment.
The proposition is simple, the price affordable and yet it’s a space in which few, if any, other OEMs are willing to play.


Tour Edge defines this niche as a place where consumers can access custom fit, game-improvement targeted equipment, built on the foundation of advanced technologies at uber-budget friendly price points. On top of that, Tour Edge guarantees an Amazon Prime fast 48-hour delivery on all custom clubs.

The third release in this line is the HL3 hybrid, which retails for $119.99. The tech story isn’t dissimilar from what we often hear from higher-priced competitors and is no doubt what gives Executive Vice President John Craig confidence to assert “With HL3, you can get the best of both worlds; leading edge performance and a retail price that won’t break the bank.”

The face is crafted from 450 Carpenter Steel and incorporates VFT (Variable Face Thickness) to promote more ball speed retention on off-center strikes. The Power Channel serves as Tour Edge’s “slot technology” giving the face more flex to increase initial ball velocity.

Ranging from 48 grams to 60 grams and available in four flexes (L, A, R, and S), the stock shaft is produced by UST Mamiya exclusively for the Hot Launch 3 line. Exclusive Design in shaft parlance almost always translates as made for, and while these shafts are often less expensive to manufacturer (and tend to be higher launching/spinning as well) than after-market equivalents, let’s not forget the target audience for Hot Launch.


Hot Launch, as a line, is a “MOM” (Meat of the Market) release and my hunch is Tour Edge’s balance sheet would reflect the reality that there are far more golfers out there looking for high value-low(er) cost products than gearheads and equipment junkies might readily admit.

It’s the opposite of the PXG Effect, and thus far, it’s a market space that’s proving to be a sweet spot for Tour Edge


The Hot Launch 3 hybrid retails for $119.99 and is positioned to replace 3-6 irons (lofts of 19°, 22°, 25°, 28°) and is offered in both right and left-handed models.

Tour Edge will be a full participant in this year’s Most Wanted testing and in an environment where performance speaks for itself, it will be interesting to see what Hot Launch 3 has to say.

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