What’s your golf vice?

If making golf apparel fashionable is a sin, then VICE Golf has some things to answer for. This week, the German golf brand introduced their new golf apparel line for 2023. The line consists of three flamboyant sub-collections, each with a different theme and color palette.

VICE has earned a reputation as a DTC golf ball company that just happens to make apparel. But of late, the brand is leaning more heavily into the apparel and accessory space. The hope is that the 2023 line will be a “breath of fresh air” for golf fashion. In short, the VICE Golf apparel collection for 2023 is different—and perhaps that’s just what the game of golf needs.

The Details

  • Three sub-collections: Liberty Club, Florida Scramble, Carry on Tradition
  • Lifestyle and performance pieces
  • Available now at VICE

Florida Scramble

The Florida Scramble sub-collection of VICE Golf apparel is highlighted by hues reminiscent of the neon glow of Miami at night and features a signature orange-themed VICE logo that pays homage to Florida citrus. The pièce de résistance of the Florida Scramble sub-collection is the reversible mesh shorts that are sure to turn heads at the club or on the course.

Liberty Club

As opposed to the rural feel of the Florida Scramble sub-collection, the Liberty Club apparel and accessories play into the urban streetwear vibes of New York City. Golf is often thought of as a suburban game, yet this sub-collection from VICE Golf challenges that notion with a line of trendy golf wear that doubles as a lifestyle line. The classic pinstriped shorts and college-style sweatshirts are the cream of the crop from this sub-collection.

Carry on Tradition

The last sub-collection in the VICE Golf apparel for 2023 is by far the most “traditional-looking.” The idea here is to play to the tradition that makes golf apparel great while introducing modern performance benefits such as waterproofing. If you’re a fan of tartan and beige or brown golf apparel, this collection is calling your name.

Lifestyle Versus Performance

The VICE Golf apparel collection for 2023 is a double-edged sword of sorts. On one hand, most pieces can easily be placed in the lifestyle category. On the other, VICE has amped up the performance benefits of their apparel to make it suitable for the course. Look good, feel good and play good? That’s the goal VICE has in mind and they are all in on making golf apparel less dull.

“This release is VICE Golf putting a marker down.” says Cofounder and CFO Rainer Stöckl. “We took on the golf ball market, shook things up and established ourselves as a leading brand that could compete with the established order. But we’re always looking for other avenues so we can continue to make golf accessible for everyone. This collection is a big step towards that goal.”

Have it Your Way

The introduction of VICE Golf’s latest golf apparel line teaches (or reaffirms, rather) a truth that should grace every golf club in the world: “All are welcome.” No matter your style, you should feel welcomed and accepted on the golf course. Remember, “different” isn’t synonymous with “wrong.” VICE Golf and their disruptive clothing line is giving a voice to those who like to depart from traditional golf style—and that’s a good thing.

The VICE Golf 2023 apparel collection is available now, exclusively at VICE.


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