funny golf videos


They weren’t the best golf company but they still have the best golf commercial. It has been almost 10 years since went belly up in the first dot-com bust but their commercial will last forever.


This company claims they are just about jeans…but it was a skirt that has made them rockstars on sites like YouTube. Proof…that a great idea can spread your word farther then any 30-second Super Bowl commercial.


This has to be one of the most original ideas for a golf tournament. You think they have an underweight limit? What is the minimum you have to weigh to get on this ride?

4. FedEx Cup

If this is a based on a true story…I want to meet the guys behind it all and shake their hands. And then make sure never…never to hire them.

5. JackAss Golf

Ever wondered what golfers would shoot if the galleries were allowed to make noise? This video might give you an idea.

6. Spacewalk Golf

I always told people that the moon landing was a hoax…now there’s proof!


Notice how the guy is all the way on the right side of the range…lol. We have all been there….can someone say SHANKS!

8. Most Compact Golf Swing Ever

Here is what a 300 sq ft. loft with a small balcony will do to your game.

9. Golf My-Way

If you ever have a lesson that ends up like what happens at about the 1:04 mark in this hilarious video, then you might want to ask for your money-back and purchase a rape-kit.

10. Phil Mickelson Look-A-Likes

Was this what the guys at Entourage saw in Phil? Hey if you can’t beat’em…join’em…right Phil.