What Golf Gear Would You Buy...If You Were Given $1000?

Our friends over at GlobalGolf have opened up a new part to their store that we thought might interest you guys.  They have always been a great online site to get golf gear because they offered insane deal on used gear right beside their new sticks.  But now they have opened what they are calling "OPEN BOX" and it has some Kick-A$$ deals on golf gear.  And don't worry, this stuff is all unused...unhit...and all clubs come with a full-warranty!

Global Golf Open Box

Global Golf "Open Box" Deals!

"OPEN BOX" Virtual Shopping Spree!

So...we had a brainstorm...we wanted to give you a small hypothetical question - imagine you were walking by a virtual proshop and running out the doors came the owner of the GlobalGolf store. He runs up to you and says - "‘it’s your lucky day - I’m going to give you anything in my shop up to the value of $1000!"

But you’ve only got one hour to choose what you want...and you have to choose a driver, set of irons, putter and a wedge - so what would you get?

You can get as many products as you like as long as they total $1000 or less.  So go make your list...quick!