balanced golf balls

Many of Your Golf Balls Might Need to be Thrown Away

Did you know that there is a center of gravity in a golf ball? Well actually there is a center of gravity to almost everything, but rarely do we think about a golf balls COG. Most of the terminology we here today is about drivers. You here about COG’s and MOI’s a lot right now but it never refers to a golf ball. Well today I am going to let you in on a little secret on how to see if your golf balls and not your driver is responsible for those double bogeys.

All Golf Balls Are Not Balanced Properly

You might not know this, but all golf balls are not balanced properly on the inside. Many balls have a COG that is imperfect, and ANY imperfection of the COG can cause your ball to go off line. These imperfections can cause not only your putts to go off line but your drives as well. Recent testing done by Roger Maltby (Video Below) and other designers, has shown that even using while using “Putting Robots” they would get inconsistent results with dead center strokes of the putter. Maltby knew something had to be wrong so he looked into what was cauing these results and found out that it was actually the golf ball and not the putter.

How to Test Your Golf Balls at Home

There are a couple different methods to test this out on your golf balls you have at home. Problem is you have to buy them before you can get them home. And people are paying around $50 a doz. so you might be a little pissed when you find out that some of them aren’t balanced properly.

1.The Check-Go

2.Check-Go Pro

3.The Salt Water And Sharpie Method

Both work but here is the thing: Either Check-Go will find the sweet spot and have it corrected by placing a mark on the ball. But do you really want to play with golf balls that are not balanced properly in the first place? Most people dont mind and they hate to throw them away so it is up to you. Take a look at Roger’s video below it gives a great explanation of the process as well.