RSS Awareness Day
What is RSS?

You see it on almost every blog…a button saying “Sign Up For Our RSS Feed”. So what is it?

It’s like having a newspaper delivered to your door step…but only with the news you want. How great is that! No more having to flip through pages that fall in your lap or crinkle up to the point where you just want to throw the damn thing away. So if you like this website or any other website make sure to look for that RSS Feed button and sign up for it.

This way you no longer have to go to the 10 different websites you look at everyday, they will come to you! So if you have not subscribed to MyGolfSpy yet, click on that big orange button below. This way you can be informed everytime we publish a new “Top Secret” golf story.

You can subscribe by clicking the the BIG orange button:


If you would like to learn more about RSS check out