A couple weeks ago you guys might remember we sent an email out to the  subscribers of our email list.  We wanted to get your opinion on what your favorite golf books of all-time were.  And after going through literally thousands of responses from you guys (took us a while to sort them) we have put together the MGS readers “Top 25 Golf Books of All-Time!”

We wanted both instructional and non-instructional books and you guys gave a great assortment of both for the all the readers to see.  The Top 2 books were overwhelmingly the winners by leaps and bounds.  Both getting almost 3 times more votes than any of the other Top 5 books chosen.  And those were Five Lessons by: Ben Hogan and Little Red Book by: Harvey Penick.

TIP: Get 7 of These Books For Under $1!

We have linked all the books to the Amazon Store if any of you are interested in picking up a few of these to add to your collection.  (TIP:) A lot of people don’t see on the product pages on Amazon the used book link on the right hand side of the page.  Where many times you can get some of these books for as cheap as $0.01…yes one penny.  Actually 7 of the 25 books in this list can be purchased for less then $0.50! So make sure to check the right side of any of the ones you are looking for to see if you can get them on the cheap.

P.S. – I just finished reading a great book…it didn’t make the list but some of you might be interested.  The book is called Karsten’s Way: The Story of Karsten Solheim…a great book if you want to see how one man changed the golf industry from the ground up.  And yes you can get this one for $0.01.

5 lessons ben hogan

#1 – Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

little red book

#2 – Little Red Book

golf is not a game of perfect

#3 – Golf is Not a Game of Perfect

a good walk spoiled

#4 – A Good Walk Spoiled

dave pelz short game bible

#5 – Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible

golf in kingdom

#6 – Golf In The Kingdom

the match

#7 – The Match

the greatest game ever played

#8 – The Greatest Game Ever Played

golf my way

#9 – Golf My Way

bob rotella

#10 – Any Book by Bob Rotella


#11 – Search For The Perfect Club

how i play golf

#12 – How I Play Golf


#13 – Secrets of the Short Game


#14 – Who’s Your Caddy?


#15 – Golf For Dummies


#16 – Paper Tiger


#17 – The Putting Prescription


#18 – Just a Range Ball In a Box of Titleist


#19 – Swing The Clubhead


#20 – Training A Tiger


#21 – The 7 Laws of the Golf Swing


#22 – Inside The Ropes


#23 – Your 15th Club


#24 – The Green Road Home


#25 – Fearless Golf