golf gators

“78% of Golfers Switch to Flip Flops….by 2010!”

World’s First Golf Flip Flop

Not even the CEO of the “World’s 1st Golf Flip Flop” company GolfGators thinks this will actually happen…but we do! We have a feeling the guys over at GatorGolf are going to be working some late nights come January 2009..when these flips launch!

We’re Not Crazy

I know what you’re thinking…your thinking we’re nuts. But hear us out…we aren’t referring to 78% of the stuffy country clubbers who are too busy trying to dress better then their game really is…we meant the local public course guys. We are talking about the majority of golfers…the guys that only own one collard shirt and it’s always in their car, wrinkled up, just hoping to get a chance to be worn one day during the week…but only after 4pm. We’re talking about the guy who goes out in camo’s, a wrinkled collared shirt and wears the tall white socks with the sneakers.

golf gator shoes

Only $29-39 Bucks

Still don’t believe us that these things are going to be a hit? Just take one look around at your group of friends. How many of them now own a pair of Croc’s..see what we mean. And these even look less feminine then the Croc’s your friends are sportin’. Hell we might wear them around the house…and just take the spike out. Price is not bad either…they range from $29-39 bucks! And if you don’t like them…GolfGators says they will take them back for an entire one-year unconditional replacement guarantee.

Kill 2 Birds With 1 Stone

The GolfGators even have another actual useful device built-in to the flip-flop. The Gators holds a couple tees in the heel of the shoe (aka. flip-flop) and they have trademarked it the “Golf Tee Rocket Launcher” a little much but ok we see how they got the name. Most tee holders serve no purpose and only amount to you having to carry something else either in your pockets or on your bag. But this I could actually see coming in handy. And we love products that “Kill 2 Birds With 1 Stone”…always a plus when we test out a new product and give you guys or unbiased opinion.