iphone golf app handicap calculator

New iPhone Handicap Calculator (Easy, Functional and Cheap)

In this article I am going to show you one of the the quickest and easiest iPhone golf apps I know of to help calculate your handicap.  And why it might be the only Handicap Calculator you ever need to use - which will save you time and money compared to searching for all the other golf handicap calculators out there.

App Features:

  • Simple, Fast and Easy to Use...finally an app that is straight forward and to the point Way to keep it simple fellas.
  • Handicap is a handicap calculator which uses the "picker wheel" for input. Just rotate the wheels to your USGA handicap index and course slope and it computes the number of shots you get on any course. The "info" button in the lower right corner will bring you directly to the website for handicap look-up.
  • And Since your GHIN index changes every two weeks it is nice to know how many shots you (and your fellow golfers) get after each revision.
  • Great for betting on the golf course with your friends too...finally makes it fair 😉
  • And the app only costs $0.99...so if you think you would ever use it and you have an iPhone we recommend giving this app a try.  We have been happy users of this one.

Nothing but *****5 Star Reviews***** So Far

iPhone apps are becoming quite the force to be reckoned with when it comes to software being used by the consumer and this is no different in the golf industry.  Golfers are taking advantage of all the different apps out there for the iPhones.  It is like the Wild Wild West right now with golf app developments.  There are new ones everyday and many of them are better then the actual products being sold on the market for 10-20 times the cost of one of these apps.  There are some absolutely incredible iPhone golf apps out there to use fellas.  Although the problem I hear with a lot of them after people download the apps are that they are way too complicated to use...and they rarely actually find a use for them.

And this is especially true when it comes to golf handicap calculators...and not only in the iPhone app world but on the internet as well.  There are tons of them out there...all you have to do is a quick search on Google for "Handicap calculators" and you will see what I mean.  But a lot of them make it way to complicated to use and also not as convenient.  The convenience of being able to use your phone for some of these apps is a key to their success.  This is a simple equation that has been made difficult by other developers...but Bob Nolan has kept this one simple and straight forward for the end user...which is nice.

Customer Reviews

Very Simple...

by: Nickbowls
Golf app that allows you to figure out your handicap with the "picker wheel." Every golfer should own this app!!

Quick and easy...

by: KiKi40
I will use this app with every revision of my handicap. I like it because it remembers my last input

Great app...
by: Iris Lady
Easy to use!!

Clean & Quick...
by: Dolitman
Wonderful app if you travel to a lot of courses like I do.

Cool App...
by: Rstevo
Simple and easy to use.  Great pp for establishing a handicap...especially for gambling with friends.

Price = $0.99


2 Other Golf Apps (by: iPhoneGolfApps.com)

iphone app mind coach

The "Mind Coach" iPhone App

A lot of becoming a better golfer happens between the ears that is a known fact but this app is trying to take that to the next level it seems.  Bob and his team of developers at iphonegolfapps.com have come up with what is actually their best selling iPhone App and that is called "Mind Coach".  We actually have not tried this app yet but people are buying this one up since it has come out on the iTunes App Store.

Tiger even uses programs similar to this that flash things into his memory.  This is kind of like the global warming thing...there is no evidence that it actually exists but many people swear it works.

What it supposedly does is allows you to enter swing thoughts or anything related to your golf swing and then it displays some optical illusion images that somehow supposedly work on a subconscious level..so your swing motion thoughts get embedded into your subconscious and allows you to go play golf without having to actually think about all of those 500 swing thoughts going on inside your head.  This sounds kind of crazy but from what the developers say people that are using it say it actually works.  We will have to wait and see what the verdict from the MyGolfSpy readers is on this one.  So if you give this one a try...please let us know if this helps...we can't wait to hear your opinions.

Price = $0.99



"Golf Pairings" iPhone App

Golf Pairings is an App that figures out who is going to play with whom when you go on a golf trip or want to create a league.  With this app all you have to do is assign each player a number and then it does all the work.  When you have more than a couple of foursomes the math can get pretty crazy...it can start to make your head spin trying to figure out all the pairings for the different days so that no one plays with the same guys everyday.

And Golf Pairings is the only app that we know of right now that can figure all this out for you.

When people go on golf trips, arrange leagues or just try to arrange groups of people to do anything it becomes a problem when the players have to be arranged so everyone plays with everyone and no one plays with each other more than one time.

Golf Pairings is an Iphone app that figures it all out for you so you do not have to become a mathematician.  Just dial up the number of groups you have and the number of players in each group and hit “Get Pairings”.  A matrix will appear with the pairings for each day (or week) and the number of days or weeks it takes to exhaust all the possible player combinations.  All that has to be done is to assign a number to each player or couple and follow the matrix.

Price = $1.99