• Two headlining models: Honma BERES Black and Aizu.
  • BERES Aizu showcases Honma’s signature model offerings of 2 Star through 5 Star including a women’s 3 Star model offering.
  • The entire BERES lineup features drivers, fairway woods, hybrid utilities and irons.

Honma embraces a distinct position within the golf manufacturing world. Throughout the years, Honma has showcased three specific golf club lineups: TR, T//World and BERES, all of which have prominent roles within Honma’s product offerings. Each caters to different golfers. However, they all possess Honma’s DNA: craftsmanship, aesthetics and design and performance. With the new BERES, they continue a long heritage of luxurious, master-crafted golf clubs, but with a bold twists.


At first glance, aesthetics, craftsmanship and overall design stare you right in the face.

With the BERES Black, you have classic black and gold signature coloring. From pictures alone, it appears to be a showstopper. In order to keep the overall appearance flow, the stock ARMRQ MX shaft features matching black and gold graphics. The design is consistent from the metalwoods down to the irons.

Don’t worry. The star of the show is next.

Aizu, 2 Star through 5 Star and 3 Star Women’s encompass flair. Honma’s master craftsmen bring forth the traditional Japanese “Aizu” Lacquer design with this lineup. Each product lineup within the Aizu model features its own unique, creative color scheme and design. There are two different crown prints on the metalwoods. Additionally, there are designs on the iron cavities. Both bring a fashion show to the golf course.


With this BERES release, don’t let the looks capture all of your attention. The lineup is packed with new performance technology. In terms of a target market, the BERES lineup caters towards slower-swinging golfers. As a result, the emphasis is on speed, high launch, and low spin through new tech in the metalwoods: L-CUP Face, Triple Sole Slots, Evolved Radial Face and Crown Structure.

Furthermore, the focus on performance translates to the irons which feature a 3-D L-CUP Structure in the 5-9 Iron, a Sole Slot, Face and Cavity Structure.


For the gearheads reading this, the purpose of this new centerfold is to maintain higher CT value. For those of us who believe in K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid), its main goal is to maintain higher ball speeds across the face. This face design and its benefits are a byproduct of not having to weld the face onto the clubhead.

In the irons, the same principle applies. Furthermore, because of the structuring, a thicker sole design is created with a lower center of gravity.


Who doesn’t like stability and the potential for increased initial ball speed? Well, that is exactly what the intended job of the Triple Sole Slots. With this three-slot design, it helps the entire slot regain its shape at impact. By simultaneously regaining its shape, the Triple Sole Slots work as one to create more stability and potential ball speed benefits.


This ultra-low specific gravity titanium alloy crown is more than just aesthetics. It is an uneven, thin-wall design. This piece of tech combines with the L-CUP Face and Radial structures to produce high-launch, low-spin characteristics with added draw bias.


One of Honma’s prized components are their premium golf shafts. The ARMRQ MX shaft has a proprietary (we all love that word) design featuring 10 Axis Sheet Metal Hybrid Armour Technology. As we’ve seen, Honma offers 2 Star through 5 Star in the Aizu lineup. With the ARMRQ MX shaft, Honma achieves a counterbalance shaft. In so doing, the ARMRQ MX allows them to have a progressive shaft offerings as you progress from BERES 2 Star to BERES 5 Star.


If one thing is certain, BERES is the epitome of craftsmanship. The BERES line is stunning and you will definitely be paying for the highest quality of craftsmanship. The Aizu models pay heritage to Japanese Aizu artists. With this endeavor, master craftsmen achieve Honma’s most technologically advanced construction with a tribute to Takumi expertise.

In today’s society, there are price points that leave you scratching your head. For example, NFTs. Non-Fungible Tokens have seen insane selling prices as of late. But that strengthens the case for the price people will pay for art. Honma’s BERES lineup is no different. These clubs are art in its purest form and, with that said, come with appropriate pricing (by Honma’s standards).

Here are some prices, just to entice you a bit:

  • BERES Aizu 5 Star Driver – $5,000 at retail.
  • BERES Black Driver – $1,149 at retail.
  • BERES Aizu 2 Star Irons – $399 per iron at retail.
  • BERES Aizu 5 Star Irons – $4,950 per iron at retail.

Yes, you read that last one correctly.


It wasn’t long ago that Honma had one of golf’s best talents, Justin Rose, as an ambassador. During that timeframe, Honma was making a persistent push to get a foot into the North American market. Partnerships don’t always work out as we intend them to and the rest of that story is history. However, Honma is confident that their crown jewel, BERES, can lead to an even greater impact and foothold on the North American market. Their BERES lineup is rooted deep in history and offers an elegant blend of craftsmanship and performance for those seeking distance and forgiveness. With the BERES, the journey begins.

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