I want to welcome Sara Hurwitch to all the MyGolfSpy readers! Sara will be covering anything and everything about women’s gear on MGS. She is in her 3rd season on the LPGA Symetra Tour, and attended and played golf for the University of Kentucky.  You can also follow Sara Hurwitch on Twitter or on her website.

MyGolfSpy’s Newest Writer – Sara Hurwitch

(Written By: Sara Hurwitch) Okay so the marketing geniuses at Taylormade don’t actually have “RocketBoobz” in the works, but after throwing us a curveball last year with Rocketballz, and now this year with RocketBladez, MyGolfSpy is now throwing out their own by finally bringing Women’s Golf to the site!!

Many of you may be either A) asking if women actually read this site? B) Wondering what could possibly be useful in reading about women that play golf? Or C) you are alone in your room dancing like Clay Matthews just scored a touchdown!! To those that are among the “Golf Obsessed”, it’s like the adult version of a fat kid that loves cake. Opening the box of a new set of clubs and taking the plastic off, feels just as amazing as taking your first bite of cake, except luckily golf clubs have zero calories and hopefully last you much longer than it takes to finish that slice of cake.

Making The Boys Cry!

It also comes as a surprise to many of the golf obsessed men out there, that the same passion many of them possess for the game, can also be found in a woman! My introduction to golf began in my youth growing up in the overpopulated, traffic-ridden cities of Northern Virginia, with the help of my parents, both lovers of the game of golf. Anyone who’s seen them swing a golf club knows that my golf talent did not come from either of them, but seriously had to be “god given”. I first picked up a golf club at the age of 7, when both my parents put me in a week-long summer junior camp at our home club. The assistant pros would pass the time with us by having little short-game and putting contests for Slurpee Coupons at 7-11. For those who have not had the fortune of having a Slurpee, it is the greatest mix of sugar, ice, and flavored syrup to ever touch your lips on a 100 degree day in Washington DC.

After the week was over, I came home with a stack of over 20 coupons, which led my parents to think I had stolen them so they immediately brought me back to the course to return them to the golf shop. To their disbelief, the pros insisted that I had won them all, and that day was the start of my lifelong obsession with Golf.

I continued to play in junior golf tournaments locally, where I discovered how fun it was to beat the boys and make them cry. From there, I went on to play junior golf at the National level and I was then recruited to play college golf at the University of Central Florida (UCF). I played at UCF for two years, however, after my second year, I felt I wasn’t getting what I needed out of golf or my education, and transferred to the University of Kentucky! GO CATS!!

LPGA Symetra Tour

Just last month, I finished my third year as a Professional Golfer on the LPGA Symetra Tour, which is the equivalent to the Web.com Tour for Male Professionals. The great thing about going to a Symetra Tour event is that spectators get the pleasure of seeing attractive women, who not only hit the ball an average of 250 off the tee, but also choose to play for less money than you could earn delivering pizzas for a year. This year’s money list winner added $55,690 for the season to her bank account, except you’d also have to subtract a minimum of $30,000 in travel & business expenses for the year. On the Web.com tour, that same amount would be paid for a second place finish at any single tour event, or would put you at 89th on the current money list. If you made that same check on the PGA Tour, you’d earn yourself a trip back to q-school sitting at 219 on the current money list.

I could spend hours rambling and listing what limitations currently exist in women’s professional golf, but instead, thanks to MyGolfSpy, I am thrilled to bring your head out of the sandbox, to help all you Women (and Men) learn that there is a life of looking good & playing good golf that does exist for women who have found passion in the game!

My Style – Look Good, Play Better

When it comes to women there’s no better place to start than fashion. In 2010, at the PGA Show in Orlando, FL I had my first introduction with Christina Thompson, who was then getting ready to open her own online women’s golf store. As she told me more about her site, I remember thinking how awesome her idea was to have access to the best golf clothing brands online in one place.

While working to play better golf is my primary job, looking good on the course is my second priority! To this day, Christina is the greatest female golf entrepreneur and women’s golf fan I know. Christina started Golf4Her, in the middle of 2010, and this year on tour, she gathered three other Symetra Tour players and me to serve as Ambassadors for her brand, allowing us to stay functional and fashionable on tour. She has also turned me into a huge believer that for women AND men at any level of golf, looking good also translates into more confidence and better scores!

My Favorite Brands

Some of my favorite brands that I wore this year on tour are included below and you can also find them all, plus a Special 10% Discount Code at http://www.Golf4Her.com/Sara

Loudmouth Golf

If you haven’t seen Loudmouth by now, you either don’t watch enough of the Big Break, or you don’t know who John Daly is. Loudmouth is by far the most exciting thing to come into golf fashion since Rodney Dangerfield’s Staff Bag in Caddyshack!


Wear 2 Win

Another one of my favorites for this year has been the Wear 2 Win Ruched Polo Shirt. Its smooth, stretchy fabric is perfect to sweat in without feeling like a wet mop by the end of the round. The color and shape has lasted after being stuffed into multiple suitcases, and made its way through many trips through the laundry machine, while still remaining wrinkle-free. The ruching on the sides creates a slim, feminine shape, but still leaves plenty of room so you don’t have to suck in your stomach after having those few beers the night before (or after your round).

Jo Fit

The Jo-Polo from Jo Fit is probably the shirt I’ve worn the most this season. It comes in tons of colors, which is perfect to match almost any bottoms in my Loudmouth collection. The tech fabrics they use are great to wear in all weather conditions. The front zipper makes it much easier than having to take the time to fasten buttons, and the waist is shaped to provide a form-fitting look without taking away from its functionality.

More Women’s Content Coming Soon On MyGolfSpy!

I know many of you may still be disappointed that the RocketBoobz isn’t set to be released, at least not this year, but in return there is a lot of great info, reviews, and tips coming your way MyGolfSpy readers! You may even be surprised to learn something to get your wives/girlfriends/sisters or any other female in your life out on the golf course!!

Sara’s WITB:

Driver: RBZ Tour 9.5 Deg Accra Tour Z+ M3-553

Wood: Ping G20 Matrix Rul 60

Hybrids: RBZ Tour 3,4 Hybrid Accra Dymatch 2.0

Irons: Ping I20 5 iron- Gap Wedge

Wedges: Scratch 8620 60, 54 degree

Putter: Scotty Cameron 33 inch Newport 2

Ball: Pro VI

Glove: G/Fore

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