Pro V1 Has Nothing On New Design

The USGA has been fighting to keep golf balls from flying farther for years now. But for the most part there fight has been focused solely on how a club makes that ball fly farther…and not how the actual ball flies father its self. Yeah, the Pro V1 gave them a scare but nothing like the news that is coming out of Arizona State University and the University of Maryland today.

50 More Yards Will Be Easy!

Scientists there are about to make every average amateur golfer’s dreams come true, with a new golf ball that can give you up to 50 more yards! They say for a golfer that averages around 250 yards could easily hit the ball an average of 300 yards! That is a 20% increase…this means for the guys already hitting the ball around 300 yards that you will now be bombing 360 yard legal drives!


USGA Shats Themself

Their secret really is not a secret but it is their testing methos that is. Golf ball manufacturers have known for years that the secret to getting more distance out of a golf ball was in the dimple pattern design. But it was not until the 2 Universities put the power of some supercomputer that is over 1000 times more powerful then a standard PC. These computers have allowed them to come up with a specific formula that allows them to find the best dimple pattern possible. And the dimples are one of the very few parts of the ball, which companies have the freedom to change by the USGA rules…this is because dimple design is not something regulated at present by the USGA. This is where the crapping of the pants comes in.