What if together we could build a place where performance was the only thing that mattered? A place totally free from the influence of marketing.

What if we could eliminate promises of 10 more yards and replace all of it with cold, hard, quantifiable facts? Shoot you straight, give you real data, real information. Isn’t that the way it should be?

To us, there was no better way to realize the vision for educating and empowering the golfing consumer than to open our own golf performance testing and research facility.

That was the dream one year ago when we launched our #PowerToThePlayer Campaign. After more than a year of planning and hard work, we’re excited to announce that, with your help, we were able to make the MyGolfSpy research facility a reality.


About the MyGolfSpy Test Center

The new MyGolfSpy headquarters is a 1750 sq/ft. building located in Yorktown, VA. The facility is outfitted with two indoor hitting bays equipped with Foresight GC2 HMT Launch monitors. We installed a putting green for our putter tests, and just so everything stays as consistent as it can be, we’ve partnered with Bridgestone to ensure we always have plenty of tour-quality balls on-hand for testing.

The new facility may be where we go to work every day, but we built it for you.

“I built this facility for the consumer, not for me. That’s a fact.” – Adam Beach, Owner, MyGolfSpy


The first test conducted entirely at the new facility, which will name 2016’s Most Wanted Driver, is nearing completion. As we ramp-up to full capacity, more #DATACRATIC research will follow. We’re talking about every club in the bag – driver to putter. Older models vs. the next big thing. More labs, more tests, more information to help you cut through the bullshit, make smarter decisions, save money (no more buying the wrong gear), and play better golf.

That has always been the MyGolfSpy mission.


A Truly Unique Space

The new facility is a one-of-a-kind space in the golf media world. I know, that sounds a bit like exactly the type of marketing hyperbole we built the facility to cut-through, but think about it for just a minute. It’s ours…it’s yours. A totally independent golf club testing facility built without so much as a single dime in advertising from the biggest names in golf. Nobody else can say that, and because of that simple and necessary fact, we remain beholden to no one but you.

We manage every step of our testing processes. Although we solicited input from members of the R&D teams at some of the biggest names in golf to help us develop testing methodologies and protocols that meet industry standards, our tests remain completely independent. We’re committed to testing golf clubs the right way. That means no shortcuts. It’s why you can trust our results. Anything less would be a disservice to you, our reader.


With your continued support, our plan is to expand the capabilities of the test facility over the coming months and years. We’re going to raise the bar; give you more data, more information, and more tools to help you find the perfect club for your game.

The test facility is the next step towards revolutionizing how information is delivered to the consumer and how you buy golf equipment.

Once again, thank you for your support.

With our new headquarters open, it’s time for us to get back to work for you.


Facility Tour (Photo Gallery)