If you’re looking for the best golf hitting screen, we’ve got you covered.

When we discovered this hidden gem, I went straight to the boss and said, “We need to switch our Most Wanted screens. Today.”

Yep, it was that impactful for us, considering how many shots each screen gets in one year—more than 150,000!

We usually go through two or three screens per bay during the year. Our current screens tend to sag, rip and look tired, even after one test. And what about the other 10-plus tests we conduct over the year, let alone labs and practice sessions Phillip and I conduct?

So, you ask, how do I know this is the best golf screen on the market?

The company came to us for a head-to-head test comparing their new hitting net to the most popular impact screen on the market. So we tested them with the same number of shots into each screen. Honestly, it wasn’t even close.

Check out why the SIGPRO PREMIUM Hitting Screen now is our Most Wanted hitting net.


Introducing the SIGPRO Premium

The SIGPRO Premium screen is perfect for the avid indoor golfer.  Yes, whenever you hear the word “premium” it usually means $$$ and the SIGPRO Premium is no exception. But, trust me, you won’t regret it. Think of it as an investment.

The screen comes in many sizes to fit your home golf simulator. The net comes with a thick finish, double stitched material which reduces bounce-back, makes it quieter than any other screen, bright image quality and Velcro sides for extra security.

Most companies advertise the same list of features but, in this case, SIGPRO can back up those claims. Even now, after 150,000 shots, the screen looks barely used. Your hitting mat will wear quicker than the SIGPRO Premium.

I know the  $759.99 price may seem steep but, as I said, you have to think of it as an investment in your game. Think of it this way: If you play an average of 50 rounds a year at 100 shots per round, it will take 30 years to hit 150,000 shots into the SIGPRO Premium and it will still look in mint condition. That’s crazy!

Golf Net

How Did It Perform Against The Leader?

After testing both screens in a blind test, the SIGPRO Premium (Screen A) outperformed Screen B in every category. Check out the graphics and pictures for yourself.

Don’t get me wrong. Screen B scored well in most categories but it didn’t come close to the SIGPRO Premium screen. The biggest difference after the vast number of shots is the amount of sag and holes in Screen B. This wasn’t the case with SIGPRO Premium (Screen B). To this day, the screen has no sag, no rips, great image clarity … the list goes on.

Here are the images of both screens after 150,000 shots. I’ll let you make the decision on which one is better.

Golf Impact Screen

Hardcore Data

For those who like to compare apples to apples, we have compiled the data metrics including bounce back and noise decibels. We tried to keep the spin, launch and ball speed data as consistent as possible with both screens. This is a fantastic data set when comparing launch and spin which are the most important components to measure durability.

When you hit a lot of wedges into a screen, you tend to spin the ball more than you would with a driver. So when you hit your wedge, the ball will hit the screen and remain in there for a split second while spinning. This wears down the screen a lot quicker than a driver would. The driver, however, is hitting the screen with a lot of force and this is one of the main causes for screen sagging.

SIGPRO Premium Screen

Looking at the data, you can see the SIGPRO Premium screen outperformed the current leader on the market for bounce-back and noise reduction. The reason why less bounce-back and noise is good is because when you’re in your basement, you won’t get shouted at by your partner for making all that racket. That alone is worth the $759.99 price tag. Everything else is a bonus.

Bottom Line – SIGPRO Premium

Honestly, it will come down to the price.

For me, if you don’t have a good screen, the simulator experience isn’t there. The SIGPRO Premium and a fantastic screen—that is worth the money. And it’s not even close. To get the total price down, you could look into piecing together a DIY golf simulator.

You get crisp image quality, no screen sag, less noise, durability, multiple size options and more.

The way I look at it is that it’s a long-term play because this will probably be the only screen you will ever need. In the long run, you will save money buying the SIGPRO Premium screen. Trust me, it’s worth every cent.

For more information, visit www.shopindoorgolf.com.



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