First Look: Inesis WW500

Incredible Comfort

Have you ever put on a golf shoe and thought, “Holy s**t! This is the most comfortable golf shoe I’ve ever worn!”?

If you have, think again!

In 2019, Inesis, who operate under the Decathlon umbrella, burst into our doors at MyGolfSpy HQ wanting to be heard. And, as we discovered, for good reason. They looked at the golf industry differently and had some high-performing products.

One of those was the Inesis waterproof golf shoe for men. It won second place overall as well as Best Value in the 2019 Most Wanted Spikeless Golf Shoe Test.

The Inesis waterproof shoe ranked first for most comfortable shoe in 2019 Most Wanted Shoe Test.

It had outstanding traction and stability to go with it. There really wasn’t anything I could fault about it. Certainly not the price: $79! That is not a misprint.

Inesis WW500


Based in France, Inesis Golf falls under the Decathlon brand across Europe. In fact, Decathlon caters to most sports. If you combine DICK’S Sporting Goods and Bass Pro Shops, you get Decathlon.

OK, maybe not that big but you get the idea. You can buy anything from dance to team sports for much less compared to the market.

But here’s where the difference lies: Its value-priced products are of high quality.

It has about 1,700 stores in 60 countries and is valued at 11.4-billion Euros, according to

Inesis is the golf side of Decathlon. They have researched how golfers buy, what they look for in products and, most importantly, listen to the consumer. It offers everything from golf clothing to golf shoes, from golf clubs to golf balls, and they continue to perform year after year. You definitely need to check out their gear.

Men's Spikeless Golf Shoe


Inesis’s new kid on the block is the WW500 men’s golf shoe.

The WW stands for “warm weather” which is perfect for the U.S. heat. It comes with a 100-percent rubber sole intended to improve comfort and lightness without sacrificing grip.

By working with force plates, Inesis dialed in the grip sole by strategically placing each stud at various heights and directions to ensure the best grip possible in all conditions. The best part is the studs don’t wear down as much compared to other spikeless golf shoes.

Golf Spikes

Looking at the previous Inesis shoes we have tested, they have kept the EVA foam midsole which comes straight from their running shoes. The WW500 has a more reinforced upper to help prevent spillage and excessive twisting during the shot.

One thing I really like about the new WW500 casual shoes is the new mesh upper material which combines breathability and durability. It wicks away heat to help keep your feet dry. Normally, when you see mesh upper material in anything, it’s tends to fray easily. This mesh is reinforced by a thermally bonded PU band that runs around the forefoot.

Inesis claims this combination makes the WW500 very abrasion-resistant. So, when you’re playing on a golf course and spend most of your time playing out of bushes, the WW500 might be the best golf shoe for you.

men spikeless golf shoe

While making anything in this world, it’s hard to not pollute the planet with its process. With the WW500, Inesis looks to be eco-friendly by maximizing recycled material. For example, the dyeing process uses very little water compared to conventional dyeing. Additionally, sugarcane is used in the composition of the EVA midsole.


The Inesis WW500 retails for $69.99 (!) and will be offered in men’s sizes 6.5 through 12 as well as size 13. They’re offered in a slate blue as well as snowy white.

Super Comfortable

Even though supply has been tough for many companies, the WW500 looks to have wide availability. If they don’t have your size in stock today, sign up for their newsletter to get notified when your size is in stock.

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Inesis WW500 Golf Shoe

Inesis WW500 Golf Shoe


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